Garbage at the Arizona State Fair
By MrAnathema


State fairs aren’t your typical subject for a concert photography magazine. However, the Arizona State Fair pulls out all of the stops in regards to their concert series. This year, to the amazement of many, the Az State Fair announced that alternative rock legends Garbage would be headlining one of the nights. Landing an iconic band such as Garbage is no easy feat, let alone having the show be their last gig stateside for their current tour. Currently touring in support of their most recent album, Strange Little Things, Garbage is bringing the music overseas, first to Europe, then Australia, and finally closing out in South America. Landing their last US tour spot added immense draw to the show, and to background spectacle of carnival lights, sideshow barkers, bacon-wrapped-everything, fans from across the southwest spilled into Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. Garbage did not disappoint those in attendance, pulling songs from across all of their studio albums; Shirley Manson’s voice cut through the air, drawing feelings of  elation and evisceration from each person in the crowd, just as it did when they first released their self titled album back in 1995.

Full photo set below set list.

Set List:
I Think I’m Paranoid
Stupid Girl
Automatic Systematic Habit
Blood for Poppies
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
#1 Crush
Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
Night Drive Loneliness
Bleed Like Me
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
Only Happy When It Rains
Push It


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