B Dolan at Last Exit Live
By MrAnathema

B. Dolan, indie rap artist known for Making Racists Afraid Again, came through Phoenix, AZ on Wed. 4/19, stopping at Last Exit Live. Last Exit Live is an intimate venue, with bar and stage set close together, enabling B Dolan to play off the energy in the room like few could. Adding this to an absolutely magnetic stage presence, and it was impossible to find a eye or ear at Last Exit wasn’t trained directly on him. From stalking the stage, to standing on its front edge and leaning into the crowd, he joked and poked and prodded, at times holding the mic for those in the front row to rap along with him, at others ¬†experimenting upon the willing masses with alternate live verses. If you’re lucky, you might even catch B Dolan in a dancing mood. Phoenix local legend and indie rap veteran Megaran was in attendance to the show, and B Dolan didn’t miss the golden opportunity to challenge him to a Dance Off, to a cover of LL Cool J’s “You Can’t Dance”. While the jury is still out on who had the better moves, the clear cut winner in this case was the audience.

Currently traveling with DJ Abilities, Cas One vs Figure (who recently dropped their debut album), and Dopeknife, all Strange Famous acts, each act on the tour would worth coming out for on their own. Put them together, however, and you get one of the most explosive and creative hip hop shows possible. Currently traveling across the Midwest, the tour culminates in Maryland. If B Dolan is rolling through a venue within a few hours of you, there is hands down no better way to get your kicks out for a night.

Stand out songs:
The Hunter
Kitchen Sink (with everyone in the crowd screaming along to every word)
Safety Theater
Closing freesytyle (DJ Abilities and Figure freestyling on decks; B Dolan, Cas One, Dopeknife, & MegaRan tossing a mic from one to another)
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