Army of the Universe at Pub Rock Live
By MrAnathema

Italian industrial metal band Army of the Universe (AoU) opened as direct support of The Birthday Massacre on the Under Your Spell tour. Stopping in Scottsdale, Arizona, AoU took the crowd by storm, with charisma dripping from every note and lyric. The band played a solid hour long set, stopping only briefly between every few songs for banter and drink. Vocalist Lord K seemingly fed off of the crowds limitless energy, leaning into the audience at every chance, grasping hands with screaming fans, pointing the microphone to the crowd encourage everyone to join in on the extremely chantable lyrics. For AoU, it works. The more that the crowd engaged, the heavier everyone on stage played, and the more Lord K directly interacted with the crowd, more clothing he lost, initially covered in a leather jacket, eventually losing layers of shirts and tank tops till he was prowling the stage in nothing but a microphone and jeans. AoU made their set a full blown spectacle by incorporating everyone in the venue. If you find yourself a fan of early Ministry, Tool, and NIN, Army of the Universe needs to be a surefire listen.

MrAnathema (36 Posts)

Joe Abbruscato/MrAnathema is a freelance photographer specializing in concerts, live events, and alternative modeling. He is based out of Tempe, Arizona.

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