Late Night with Saint Motel at The Van Buren, Phoenix, Az
By MrAnathema

Saint Motel at The Van Buren October 30, 2017 for Doom! Magazine. photo by Devon Christopher Adams

On Monday, October 30th Saint Motel, the Prog Indie Pop Rock band out of Los Angeles, tore the roof from the newly minted Phoenix, Az music venue, The Van Buren. Originally planned to be held at Crescent Ballroom (a sister venue owned by the same consortium), the promoters smartly moved the show to the newer and larger cap house to accommodate the incredibly popular “Late Night with Saint Motel” tour, which the quarter recently kicked off in San Francisco (rounded out by a trumpet player & saxophonist) in support of their sophomore effort, saintmotelevision. Saint Motel played with their “Late Night with…” theme at every facet, turning the entire stage into a makeshift talkshow set. From their giant television screen stage set up, to the 70s, 80s, and 90’s commercials playing between sets, to the working “television” cameras on stage with which to fill the crowd, the crowd absolutely ate up the nostalgia inducing experience up, acting out the commercials prior to the set and hamming for the cameras when lead singer, A/J Jackson, pointed them into the audience. Such showmanship and over-the-top stage setups (along with a truly unique blend of modern alt-rock, blues and ska induced horns, and hooks and choruses which are instantly catchy and singable) helps elevate Saint Motel from mere band of the month to one who is destined to stay in the hearts and ears of audience for years to come. When Saint Motel travels through a city near you, it’s the late night show not to be missed and surely to be talked about for months to come.

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Benny Goodman
You Can Be You
Ace in the Hole
Something About Us (Daft Punk cover)
For Elise
Sweet Talk
Cold Cold Man

Do Everything Now
Born Again
Play Video
My Type

Photos & Article by Devon Adams & Joe Abbruscato

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Joe Abbruscato/MrAnathema is a freelance photographer specializing in concerts, live events, and alternative modeling. He is based out of Tempe, Arizona.

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