A Manson Tour Diary, 1995-2000: brief introduction
By angelynx

From here on out, in addition to more current things, I’m going to post the contents of my Marilyn Manson show review archive, “Cities in Dust”, which covers the shows I saw on all the MM tours between 1995 and 2000. There are a lot of them. =) Before we start, a disclaimer:

1) No objectivity is involved or should be expected. I was a devoted and very emotional fan calling it as I saw it.
2) I was very, VERY naive about the real state of affairs in a touring band at the time. Feel free to laugh at my assumptions about the innocence of things that were in all likelihood not so at all.
3) At the time period mentioned, this band was one of the most important things in my life. Literally; they were my study, my primary obsession and my #1 creative focus. I recall saying, one night about 1 AM in a diner in–um, Ohio I think–that the only things more important to me than Marilyn Manson were air, Judy and the English language. MM has faded off my radar, and I don’t have Judy anymore (she moved on to the Big Garden in 2007), but I’m still breathing and I still have words, which I hope you will enjoy reading.
4) And most important: all descriptions and theories (unless otherwise noted) in these reviews are my own, and are offered subject to the possibility that I was, and/or am, flat-out wrong.

Thanks for your attention. Next post: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 3-10-95; and Alcatrazz, Columbia, SC, 3-11-95.

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