Manson Tour Diary #2: March 10 and 11, 1995
By angelynx

Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro (near Raleigh) NC, 3/10/95.

Our story so far: EVB and coyote (much-appreciated fact checker for this account =), who had seen MM twice prior to March 9th, raved an’ drooled to me about how mindfuckingly brilliant they were live, convincing me to come see them next chance. Next chance was three shows in a row in North & South Carolina, in March. I had tickets for all three shows, but EVB was careful to assure me that if I saw them and didn’t like them, it was OK, I could just crash in the hotel on nights two and three.

So I saw them for the first time on March 9th [as related in the post “My 16th Mansonversary”]…
Well, here’s night two, and you couldn’t have kept me away with a pit full of Gaboon vipers. =)

Alcatrazz/Club X, Columbia SC, 3/11/95.

(This one’s hard to post. It’s the most emotional and subjective, and difficult, of the lot. It comes with a mild disclaimer: namely that I can’t, of course, be sure that the Rev was going through exactly what I perceived him to be going through. I can only say that the sibs I’ve talked to who were there agree with the substance and mood of my account.

Join us for a night of psychic horror and collapse… ==a==)

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