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Kyo of Dir En Grey @ Sonar, Baltimore MD, 12/10/11. © 2011 Elizabeth V Bouras - DOOM! Magazine

Dir En Grey with The Birthday Massacre @ Sonar, Baltimore MD

Seeing Dir En Grey is always somewhere between surgery and exorcism; they will yank things out of you whether you’re ready to face them or not.

Hauntology: Nick 13 at the Black Cat, 6-25-11

Tiger Army’s Nick 13 brought his country band and his vision of the past to DC last week, with Billy Woodward and the Senders along for the ride.

American Gods: Neil Gaiman in DC, 6-23-11

A sold-out National Press Club listened spellbound last night, as teller-of-tales Neil Gaiman told the story behind “American Gods”–and quite a few more.

My Chem 5-10-11, by E. Bouras

My Chem and Yours: MCR @ the 9:30 Club, Washington DC, 5.10.11

With a welcome night off between Jersey and DC, the Killjoys brought the noise to the Nightclub 9:30 with a loud, kickass, rabble-rousing set. And the rabble loved it.

A Killjoy Homecoming: MCR at the Starland, 5-7-11

The digital billboard in the Starland parking lot said it all: on the desert backdrop of the Danger Days album cover, the words WELCOME HOME. This venerable Sayreville, New Jersey venue hosted two nights of My Chemical Romance’s World Contamination Tour this weekend, and everyone on the East Coast knew it.

Jared Leto & fans, photo by Elizabeth Bouras (c) 2011

Epic, Failed: 30 Seconds to Mars, 4/27/11

30 Seconds to Mars’ appearance at the Patriot Center last night was a lazy, sloppy, self-indulgent mess. Jared Leto used every single page of the Slacker Frontman’s Handbook – some of them multiple times – to deliver a performance with no drama, no momentum, no structure and a damn small number of songs.

Manson Tour Diary: NYC, 11-23-98: Kristen

We’re jumping way ahead in time here, because we’ve lost someone, and I wanted to remember a moment in time we had with her. Her name was Kristen McCullough, and she was one of the front-row Manson gang, our inner circle.

Manson Tour Diary #2: March 10 and 11, 1995

Our story so far: EVB and coyote, who had seen MM twice prior to March 9th, raved an’ drooled to me about how mindfuckingly brilliant they were live, convincing me to come see them next chance. Next chance was three shows in a row in North & South Carolina, in March

A Manson Tour Diary, 1995-2000: brief introduction

From here on out, in addition to more current things, I’m going to post the contents of my Marilyn Manson show review archive, “Cities in Dust”, which covers the shows I saw on all the MM tours between 1995 and 2000. There are a lot of them.

My 16th Mansonversary

It was 16 years ago tonight (yes, I’m old), in a chilly little roadhouse in North Carolina, that I saw Marilyn Manson for the first time and changed my life forever.  Take a walk into the past…

Akemi Homura and her soul gem

Magical Girls in Hell—the black world of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’

I think it’s safe to say that the magical-girl universe seems to be a pretty sunny place. Some strife, some tears, sure; no drama without conflict. But overall, a place where innocence, courage, and the power of love always triumph in the end…and then there’s THIS series.