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Manson Tour Diary: NYC, 11-23-98: Kristen

We’re jumping way ahead in time here, because we’ve lost someone, and I wanted to remember a moment in time we had with her. Her name was Kristen McCullough, and she was one of the front-row Manson gang, our inner circle.

Manson Tour Diary #2: March 10 and 11, 1995

Our story so far: EVB and coyote, who had seen MM twice prior to March 9th, raved an’ drooled to me about how mindfuckingly brilliant they were live, convincing me to come see them next chance. Next chance was three shows in a row in North & South Carolina, in March

A Manson Tour Diary, 1995-2000: brief introduction

From here on out, in addition to more current things, I’m going to post the contents of my Marilyn Manson show review archive, “Cities in Dust”, which covers the shows I saw on all the MM tours between 1995 and 2000. There are a lot of them.

My 16th Mansonversary

It was 16 years ago tonight (yes, I’m old), in a chilly little roadhouse in North Carolina, that I saw Marilyn Manson for the first time and changed my life forever.  Take a walk into the past…