Do Boise Police Think Beating Occupy Wall Street Protesters is Funny? (UPDATE)

Do Boise Police Think Beating Occupy Wall Street Protesters is Funny? - DOOM! Magazine

If the police think beating you is a joke, what are you supposed to do? Stand stronger.

Method & Madness–The Crystal Method at Identity Festival


Ken and Scott of The Crystal Method talk about their new songs, their new instruments, decapitated penguins, zombie raves, and accidentally pegging people with Rock Star water.

The Sound of Silence


A somber Paul Simon delivers a deeply moving performance of his song “The Sound of Silence,” at Manhattan’s ground zero on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on New York City and the Twin Towers.

Mike Pedicone speaks about his dismissal from My Chemical Romance

mike pedicone my chemical romance drummer fired 2011

Following Mike Pedicone’s firing as drummer for My Chemical Romance last week he’s released a statement via Kerrang telling his side of the story…. well, kind of.

My Chemical Romance fires drummer Mike Pedicone


In a statement posted to, guitarist Frank Iero announces Mike Pedicone’s departure from the band.

Lady Gaga premiers video for “Yoü And I” (HD NSFW)

Lady Gaga "You and I" music video Photo-47

Lady Gaga reveals her stunning and elaborate music video for “Yoü And I”, from her album, “Born This Way”.

Jim Semonik: Cancer Crusher, Electronic Savior

Jim Semonik: Cancer Crusher, Electronic Savior DOOM! Magazine

Jim Semonik talks about the impact and future of the cancer benefit compilation Electronic Saviors, as well as his personal humanitarian/self-appointed musical therapist goals.


Frank Carter is leaving Gallows Photo by MiseryXchord

The now legendary UK punk band Gallows today announce the departure of their frontman Frank Carter. Having redefined punk rock since the release of their debut album ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ in 2006, Gallows brought punk rock kicking, screaming and snarling into the mainstream, climaxing with the harsh and bitterly angry ‘Grey Britain’ album in 2009 but are now set to embark on new paths.

Roomba Art!


This stuff is kind of amazing. People will use Roombas and time lapse photography to create awesome webs and swirls of light.

Amy Poehler Thinks Planned Parenthood is Awesome, Pledges to Match Donations

Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live © NBC Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

Amy Poehler supports Planned Parenthood and urges you to do so, too. The “Parks and Recreation” star and “Saturday Night Live” alumni announces she will match every donation to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund dollar-for-dollar until Midnight on June 30th.

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