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Courtney Love in Fall Out Boy's video for "Rat a Tat"

Courtney Love Joins Fall Out Boy for Mayhem in “Rat a Tat”

Fall Out Boy has released the ninth installment of their Young Blood Chronicles, featuring the song “Rat a Tat.” The track, from their 2013 album Save Rock and Roll, features Courtney Love shouting out fabulous spoken word sections in her signature raspy voice.

Disney Bans Metal Bands…Kinda. Sorta. Not Really? I’m Confused. - By NewAgeAmazon/DOOM! Magazine

Disney Bans Metal Bands…Kinda. Sorta. Not Really? I’m Confused.

Mickey Mouse apparently has very specific taste in metal. I mean, I don’t blame him for being picky, it’s got to be hard to headbang with those ears.

The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot ~ DOOM Magazine

So, What Does That “M” Stand For These Days, MTV?

We sure as hell know it isn’t “music,” as much as you like to pretend it still does.  In order to further that illusion, every year you hold the MTV Video MUSIC Awards.

Alternative Press #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Damn Straight This Is My Last Issue of Alternative Press

How a single article finally left me completely outraged at the reining “alternative” music mag: Rape apology and Blood on the Dance Floor

Urban Decay ` Who Are You Calling A Groupie? ~ DOOM! Magazine

Who Are You Calling a “Groupie?”

Right, so. There’s a lot wrong with this statement. And before you harp on me about “it’s just one website, and a make-up company at that!” lemme tell you: there is a popular idea that women have three roles in music: fan, muse or groupie.

Kony 2012 "Campaign" Material

This Is Not a Post About Kony 2012

Well, it kind of is.  It kind of isn’t.  This is a post about a lot of things. We live in a culture where we all truly believe we can become experts in something overnight, that we should be handed all the information we could ever need immediately and have our decisions made for us. This is not isolated to global events or situations. We have been trained to expect simple answers with simple solutions.

What Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Guitarists' Issue REALLY Says - DOOM! Magazine

What Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ Issue REALLY Says

Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ list is a testament to how long rock and roll has been a boys club…and how little we have encouraged women in music.

Bella Swan, Lisbeth Salander and How Two Extremes Don’t Make a Right - DOOM! Magazine

Bella Swan, Lisbeth Salander and How Two Extremes Don’t Make a Right

Recently, a friend asked for tips on how to write a strong female character without pissing people off.  My tip for him and any other writers out there is this…

Left Brain - Odd Future Member Accused of Assaulting Show Photographers -©2011 Eric B./silverfuture CC BY-NC-NA 2.0 - DOOM! Magazine

Odd Future Member Accused of Assaulting Show Photographers

As if being homophobic and sexist weren’t enough, now hip hop group Odd Future has a member accused of assaulting two members of the press.

Pittsburgh Zombiefest 2011 ©2011 Ashly Nagrant CC BY-NC 2.0 - DOOM! Magazine

Pittsburgh Zombiefest 2011

Photos from the 2011 Pittsburgh Zombie Fest. Another year, another fake blood shortage in the city of Pittsburgh.


Roomba Art!

This stuff is kind of amazing. People will use Roombas and time lapse photography to create awesome webs and swirls of light.

WWE Over the Limit

Snarking Out: Over the Limit 2011 and “I Quit”

So, apparently it is once again time for me to try and write a wrestling column. Warning: I will be approaching these columns as a feminist and as someone who will be quite blatant when she’s marking out. If either of these facts will bother you, turn around now

Canine Teeth Poster

Canine Teeth Release Event Next Week!

Next week, I’ll be reading at the release part for poet Jenn D’s spoken word album Canine Teeth. I’m really honored and lucky to be part of a great group performing that night. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you should be there.

Handmade Pink and Black Definition Charm

Brand Spanking New Items On My Etsy

Hey gang, in case you didn’t know, I have an Etsy shop. I just added a few new designs to it and I’m REALLY happy with how they came out:

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