Anberlin at Showbox at the Market, Seattle WA

Anberlin at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~DOOM! Magazine

Lead Singer Stephen Christian of Anberlin performing at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger

American rock band Anberlin joined us here in Seattle at the Showbox at the Market on Sunday March 3rd, and truly rocked the house! This tour follows the release of the band’s most recent album “Vital,” one of their most energetic albums yet and you could certainly feel that energy throughout the show even starting off with their openers All Get Out followed by Paper Route.Anberlin at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~DOOM! Magazine

Lead singer Stephen Christian led the night off with the song “Resistance” from their 4th album New Surrender following quickly with my favorite (and it seems one of the crowds favorites as well) from their 2nd album Never Take Friendship Personal’s “Paperthin Hymn.” By the third song of the set list, the whole crown and the band was jumping so hard, it became difficult for even us photographers to get around without falling around as the whole floor was mimicking a violent earthquake!

I luckily was able to make it through the tightly packed crowd to get back up to the front line and it was like Stephen Christian was aiming directly at me most of the time, too bad their fun and exciting lighting sucked at the very front of the stage where he liked to lean toward me! Nonetheless, I was able to get some great shots of the whole band, even with the dramatic lighting!

I still remember the first time I ever heard Anberlin. A friend of mine had created a mix of songs for a long car trip we were about to take that included lots of different artists such as Anberlin, Dashboard Confessionals, The Format, and The Classic Crime. At this time, Anberlin was on their third album “Cities” which, compared to their other albums, I would say was a turning point for their poetic lyrics and their music in general.

The lyrics in the songs such as “Inevitable,” “Dismantle.Repair,” and “Unwinding Cable Car,” (all from that album) shoed how the poetic aspects of their music and the band itself really began to evolve into what we were able to see Sunday night.

Anberlin at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~DOOM! Magazine

Guitarist Christian McAlhaney of Anberlin performing on Sunday March 3rd at the Showbox at the Market


In fact, outside of their latest release of “Unstable,” which they did not play on Sunday, and “Someone Anyone,” which was fourth in their Sunday night line up, I have always been overly obsessed with “Unwinding Cable Car.” I can tell you from the level of volume and the chorus of concert goers singing along – I was not the only one. Just before beginning the acoustic version of the song during their performance, Stephen Christian took a moment to recognize Seattle and how it is considered the band’s secondary home, and that this song was originally recorded just up the hill from the venue in Capitol Hill!


Stephen Christian was all smiles at the end of each song, thoroughly pleased with how loved the band was by the tightly packed house of raucous, jumping, dancing, screaming fans and quite a few crowd surfers to boot! One crowd surfer, Micah Frederick, managed to make it over the crowd and up to the stage three times, Stephen reached a hand out to the boy and even ruffled his hair after the second surf while security Anberlin at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~DOOM! Magazineguards helped him to his feet!

The Florida based band is on their sixth album and do not seem ready to stop! From the history of the band, they seem to release a new album every two years, so we still have at least another year and a half before we get to see where Anberlin takes us next, and let me tell you, I cannot wait! If you ever get the chance to go to one of their shows, I definitely recommend getting there early, and staying near the front!

I only hope the next time I get to see them, that I might be able to gain an interview as well! Enjoy the photos, and follow me on twitter @amanda_DOOM to see more photos and great music!


Anberlin at the Showbox at the Market ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~DOOM! Magazine

Bassist Deon Rexroat of Anberlin performing on March 3rd at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market

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