Paper Route and All Get Out at Showbox at the Market, Seattle WA

Check out our review of the headliner at 03.03.13 Anberlin featuring Paper Route and All Get Out

I’ll be honest, when I first read the lineup for Anberlin’s show at the Showbox at the Market, I thought that Paper Route and All Get Out was one band, not two. I hadn’t heard of either one, which is partially why I love going to shows! You get to hear your favorite bands and at the same time, find some new favorites to add to your repertoire.


PAPER ROUTE ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~ DOOM! Magazine

What’s highly entertaining is that, while I haven’t heard the name Paper Route, I have heard some of their music. If you don’t recognize this name, you should now! In 2010 they were named one of the 10 Artists to Watch by Shred News, but I’m pegging them as the band you didn’t know you knew. The Illinois based indie rock band’s music has been featured in TV shows like One Tree Hill, CSI:NY, as well as featured in the movie (500) Days of Summer (a personal favorite).

I’m a little surprised, but happily so, that I hadn’t heard their name before since they have been on tour with quite a few artists including Owl City (who will be here in a week!), Jack’s Mannequin (who will be in Seattle at the end of March!), and Paramore (who, sadly, will not be touring Seattle this year).

Needless to say, these guys were fantastic on stage, pumped with energy and lots of fun to watch and a great wa

rm up to the headliner, Anberlin! They helped get the crowd rowdy, jumping, and singing along. A few of the crowd members and other photographers on the line confessed they were ultimate fans, I think I may join them! The lead singer, J.T. Daly, introduced many of his songs by relating them to those who have felt love, those who are in love, and those who are the broken hearted.

I would say Paper Route’s music seemed a bit softer in tone than the headliner’s current album Vital, but it was fitting since they reminded me of earlier Anberlin albums. One of the songs that caught my ear would be that of “You and I” one of the band’s most recent music video releases from their latest album “The Peace of Wild Things.” This is Paper Route’s second full album and I’ll throw my two cents in here, I would agree that they are one of the artists to watch!


ALL GET OUT ©2013 Amanda Umberger ~ DOOM! Magazine

Definitely a new band to the Seattle scene, these South Carolina boys have seriously been on tour for three years! In 2011 they released their first full length album, which according to their online bio is a history of the band’s evolution through their lengthy tour spanning songs they had written in their earlier days of 2007 up until the release of the album itself.

Of the songs on their album “The Season,” I would have to say my favorite would be the song “Lucky Bastard.” Listening to this track really allows me to picture the band on the road because of chorus lyrics like “I got another reason… I want to go home/ This city’s fucking cold and I want to go home.” Not only that, but as a Seattlite, I know I have said words to this extent walking around in Seattle, or when I’m on vacation somewhere even colder!

An interesting idea for a band to create an album that has lyrics from songs that were developed over such a long span of time, it really allows the listener to not only hear the band growing, but also to grow along with it. There are many bands, like Anberlin, who have been together for much longer, having released album after album and their fans either love it or hate it. This is a completely new concept, one I doubt many will follow, but I like it for this band in particular!

As for the night of the concert, All Get Out played to a half filled house, and while most of the fans in the crowd probably had no idea who they were, a captivated audience nonetheless. Somewhere a mix between classic Alkaline Trio and The Violent Femmes, this is a band I suggest taking a minute to check out, I at least hope to hear more from them!

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