The Regrettes Tell Us How to Love With a New Album & Supporting Tour
By Devon Christopher Adams

The Regrettes playing on stage at Crescent Ballroom

The last time Southern California post punk riot girl act The Regrettes swept through Phoenix they played The Rebel Lounge in December 2018 to an all ages crowd that looked to be mostly tween to teens girls and boys who moshed along with every line sung by then 18 year old lead vocalist Lydia Knight known not only for the black hearts she and fans wear under their eyes but also for no nonsense, smart girl power messages in her music. As with any band that continues to build their career, this time through the Valley of the Sun they sold out the larger Crescent Ballroom with Greer and local band Cheap Motel supporting.

This 16+ show split the Crescent in half but as Cheap Motel took the stage it was clearly a sub 21 evening as was heard when one middle aged fan standing near the sound board remarked, “I feel like I’m in the Chaperone section.” Part way through the opening set, staff moved the fencing back to accommodate the much larger young crowd. Tempe-based Cheap Motel had a solid set as the crowd continued to filter into the venue prior to Greer taking the stage. As the members of Greer performed, clearly they had many fans in the audience as the cheers and sing alongs increased. This California based teen band has potential albeit their set sounded like the same set we’ve heard a thousand times without clearly distinct tracks.

In the last year, The Regrettes released a handful of singles followed by their feature length “How Do You Love?” with hits like “Pumpkin” and “I Dare You” leading the charge. The set came in just under an hour with Knight and crew tearing through frenetic favorites like “Picture Perfect” with a lot less banter than the last tour. The lack of engaging in small talk with the audience allowed the band to shove more music into the set but lost a bit of connection seen the last time through Phoenix. While the set felt a little rushed, including the band choosing to remain on stage for the encore (Knight: “The green room is far over there, so I’m staying put. Pretend this is our last song and give it all you got.”), The Regrettes looked like a more seasoned quartet with a polished sound and growing discography that’ll lend itself to a sustainable career on the touring circuit bringing their brand of feminist power punk to the masses.

-Beginning the set with ”California Friends” a long time fan favorite that has secured the band as a power-pop force.
-A stripped down arrangement of “Hey Now” that lead into a rousing “Lacy Loo”.
-Knight being gifted a bra presumably just removed from a fan, wearing it for part of a song, and then tossing it behind her.
-“Coloring Book” during the encore as a segue into “Poor Boy” with Brooke Dickson’s breathy backing vocals.
-Asking the men in the crowd to move towards the back during the encore so “those who identify as female” could mosh alone.

California Friends
Dress Up
Come Through
Go Love You
Picture Perfect
Hey Now 
Lacy Loo
I Dare You
More Than a Month
Stop & Go
How Do You love

Coloring Book
Poor Boy

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