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Hannibal’s “Naka-Choko” – making a pig’s ear out of it

In this week’s episode, steamy scenes peppered the landscape while Hannibal’s mind games have helped Will’s evolution escalate to an even further degree. (Photo Courtesy of We open on the ending of last week’s episode, Randall bursting through the window. But it wasn’t Randall, it was the Ravenstag. When Will stands, the Ravenstag becomes […]

Hannibal’s “Yakimono” – Miriam Lass should be Disarmed

I feel like I’ve said that “shit hits the fan” for the past couple of weeks, but this was honestly one of the most intense episodes, it hurt to watch. Hannibal’s plans are coming full circle and things are really amping up.   (photo courtesy of The episode starts off with Miriam Lass being […]

Hannibal’s “Su-Zakana” – I’ll have a marTEARni

Canon references abound in this episode, and new characters from the original source material are introduced. Also, Bryan Fuller gives new, grisly meaning to the word “Turducken.” (photo courtesy of Will has taken Jack ice fishing in the middle of nowhere. He says he gets the attraction in summer, obviously freezing. They seem to […]

Hannibal’s “Shiizakana” – Sink your teeth in

This week’s episode of Hannibal took a trip to the pseudo-fantastical with their killer of the week, and Will’s mind continues its steady decline into darkness. (Curteousy of The episode opens with Will having tied Hannibal to a tree. He says he wants Hannibal to admit what he is, and Hannibal counters that Will’s […]

Hannibal’s “Takiawase” – you won’t BEElieve it

The feels trip of Hannibal season two went full-scale feels coaster with episode 4, and the twists and turns came at such a rapid pace we could barely recover before another turn came at full speed and knocked us around.

Hannibal’s “Hassun” – Will’s New OppEARtunity

So far, we’ve seen a lot of stuff go down on NBC’s Hannibal, but this week was one of the most intense. If you all thought that Episode 1 fight scene was bad… Well. Okay, so that was horrible, but this is a whole new sort of feels trip.

Lend me an ear – Hannibal’s back and better than ever

Tonight saw the return of one of the best TV shows in years, NBC’s gem and Bryan Fuller’s brain-baby, “Hannibal.” This season is going to be even more of a feels trip than the last, and I, for one, welcome the pain of watching such a gorgeous story unfold.