Kirkman & Liefeld Raise “Infinite” Possibilities
By Libbi Rich

Comic giants Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”) and Rob Liefeld (“Deadpool”) are collaborating on a new super science fiction adventure comic, “The Infinite,” reports USA Today.

The new comic series introduces a new villian, The Infinite, a mad genius who discovers time travel, and uses it to dominate the world. Our hero, a soldier, Bowen (“Bo”) travels back in time and recruits himself, at age 19, to come forward in time to fight the bad guy. “It’s a buddy movie with yourself,” said artist Liefeld.

“The Infinite” will be released on Kirkman’s Image imprint, Skybound. Kirkman said “Sci-fi is something I haven’t really done that much of, and I’m really excited to get into that world.”

Super Team Take on "The Infinite"

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