HOT UPDATE: Blitzkid Blitzkrieg? Nathan Bane & Rick O Mortis Out
By Libbi Rich

Nathan Bane Quits Blitzkid

Final Update: April 11, 2011 6:44 PM (PDT)

DOOM! has learned that Blitzkid drummer, Rick O Mortis, following in guitarist Nathan Bane’s footsteps earlier today, has announced that he is also leaving the band. Mortis wrote,  “in response to the messages i’ve gotten today – no, i am also no longer in blitzkid. like Nate said, it just wasn’t working out.”

Mortis released this statement to DOOM!  “I want to thank everyone that took the time to come say hi or hang out at the shows. I met some awesome people through Blitzkid and had a blast doing it. If you want to see what I’m up to musically check out my other band Children of October. See you all soon, I’m sure.”

Early this morning, Blitzkid guitarist, Nathan Bane, announced that he has left the band.  “As of right now I’m no longer in Blitzkid.  It just wasn’t working,”  Bane posted on Facebook shortly after 7 a.m. (PDT).  Bane also posted that he is wrapping up a new release with his other project, The Epidemic, but said that there will not be a tour behind the album.

Mortis’ departure leaves only founding member, Argyle Goolsby (Steve Matthews) – Blitzkid’s frontman and bassist, standing.  Founding member, guitarist T.B. Monstrosity (Tracy Byrd), announced his resignation from the band in January.

Earlier today, Goolsby replied to DOOM!’s initial request for comment in response to Bane’s resignation in a direct message on Facebook: “hahaha. everything is fine.”

At around 3:30 PM (PDT), Goolsby posted on Blitzkid’s official Facebook wall:

“let me clear this up.  Blitzkid = still going.  not much has changed.  I still write songs and am surrounded by plenty of capable and creative musicians willing to put time into being a part of it.  there are a lot (of) good things happening for blitzkid right now and that is where our focus is.  thanks for your support. wont (sic) let ya down.”

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