Phoenix Comicon 2011 – Local Talent Rocks the Con (Part 1)
By Libbi Rich

I am constantly astonished at the sheer concentration of comic book
talent in the state of Arizona.  Maybe it’s the heat; it keeps ’em
inside …  drawing, writing, dreaming.  Maybe the low humidity
creates an unquenchable thirst to create.  Whatever it is, Arizona
artists, writers, publishers and retailers are an amazing group.  This
past weekend, Thursday, May 26 – Sunday May 29, these colorful birds
flocked to Phoenix Comicon to show off their mad skillz.

Mere words don’t do these folks justice; here’s a taste of what avid fans found:

Andy Bohn

The name is Bohn, Andy Bohn, and he was definitely Bohn this way: Funny, with a quietly sharp wit; passionate about his art; clearly influenced by classic video gaming, yet with a completely original and modern flair.  Bohn’s first creator owned project, Elvatron Chronicles, made its debut at PCC with Issue #0.  Bohn has been a contributor on The Extraordinary Tales of Lazer Woman &  Strong Girl, and the OCHO Bootleg.   He is also a contributor to Fiction House Mafia’s  Alien (heart) Bigfoot, which debuted at PCC 2011.  He is currently working on Elvatron Chronicles Issue #1.

(Ed. Correction: Jeff Pina is the cover artist on Alien (heart) Bigfoot)

April Reyna

Named as one of the Valley’s top 100 creatives by the Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch, April Reyna creates stunning pin-up art, blending sex appeal, humor, and classic comic elements. Reyna’s work includes her debut comic, “The Mark of the Pierren,” written by Melissa Stacy, and the manga and comic cookbooks, “Devilicious Recipe Adventures” and “Devi-vicious, The Cooking Super Heroine.”

Mickey Chaney

Mickey Chaney made his comic debut at PCC as the co-creator of “No Man’s Land,” a very unique zombie tale, with writer Mike Kessler (Sonora).  Chaney’s background in commercial automotive illustration is evident in the astonishing detail and attention to perspective in his art.  Though graphically visceral, each detail draws the eye and holds it, making you question your own ideas of what, exactly, constitutes “art.”  Chaney is currently working on a submission for SpazDog Press’ Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Music of The Smiths.

Christy Moeller


Christy Moeller has been writing and illustrating ghoulishly humorous tales for adults and children alike since 2000. With a sense of humor reminiscent of Charles Addams, Moeller’s creepy creations chill, thrill, and amuse.  She is also the illustrator of the insanely mediocre (i.e., funny, irreverent, wonderful) Major Mediocrity, penned by the insanely insane (i.e., funny, irreverent, wonderful) Glen Curren.

Ryan Cody

Ryan Cody writes and illustrates stories ranging from paranoid, conspiracy theory-filled, mutant child hunter tales of future doom to (slightly) Zelda-esque adventure quests.  His art is full of sharp lines and angles, yet his characters all convey a deep sense of personality, with humor often mixing with grim determination.  Cody’s previous work includes Viper Comic’s Villains, and the short story, King’s Hollow, in Image Comic’s Eisner winning anthology Popgun.

Jolene Houser

Jolene Houser is an artist on  Dusk Comic’s flagship title, the vampire drama, Dusk. Houser creates amazingly sensuous female characters, and wonderfully detailed background art.  Her newest venture, the penny dreadful Victorian series, The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney previewed at PCC 2011.

Daniel Davis – Steam Crow

Illustrator and Monstorologist, Daniel Davis is Phoenix’s Steampunk King. Daniel is also the founder of Tiny Army, a Phoenix-based group dedicated to bringing together local creatives to share strategies for success.  Daniel also produces the wonderfully off-beat web comic Monster Commute, a Traffic Novel.

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