Phoenix Comicon 2011 – Local Talent Rocks the Con (Part 3)
By Libbi Rich

What a long road it’s been since those four days in May.  So many wonderful Arizona artists and writers contributed to making it an amazing Con!  So many that I just haven’t had time to do them all justice.  Not one of the talented folk in this gallery deserve the short shrift some have been given, compared to the previous installments, but you’ll get to see their work, and each of them will be seen and heard from in these pages in the future.

So, my sincere apologies to the wonderfully talented:

That being said, I present to you the phenomenal artwork from the place I’ve been know to call a “cultural wasteland”; each and every one of these creators puts a lie to those words:

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.  Click on the Flickr link in each image to see the entire gallery on flickr.

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