Teenage Bottlerocket, Chasers, Scottsdale, AZ 7/28/12
By Libbi Rich

If my kid asked me, “Mommy, where do punk rock bands come from?” (because my kids know where babies come from), I’d probably whip out the first three places that come to my, clearly old and prejudiced, mind: the Bay Area, L.A., and Washington, D.C. I really don’t think I’d say “Well, honey, the punk pelican delivers slammin’ punk quartets to Laramie, Wyoming.” But that’s where the outrageously fun and original Teenage Bottlerocket hails from. Twin brothers, Ray (vocals/guitar) and Brandon (drums) Carlisle started up TB in 2001, adding Kody Templeman (vocals/guitar) and Miguel Chen (bass) along the way.

TB brought humor (check the photo of the setlist and the self-spoofing of their song titles) along with their brand of proto-pop-punk-thrash and quirky/smartass lyrics (how ‘bout songs about the Comic Book of the Dead, “Necrocomicon”, and a self-concussing metalhead, “Headbanger”, from their brand new album Freak Out), along with their well-known and loved songs “Skate or Die” and “Bloodbath at Burger King”, to Scottsdale on Saturday, July 28.

TB had the gang at Chasers believing that punk lives everywhere, even in Wyoming.


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