Puddddinnnggggg….Need Christmas Pudding!
By Libbi Rich

You thought Jack Skellington was the Nightmare Before Christmas…?

Each year, the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade closes with a smiling, waving Santa heralding the beginning of  the shopping frenzy holiday season. But in Phoenix, Arizona, there’s a slightly different tradition …

Zombie Santa at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding 2012 ©Libbi Rich ~ DOOM! Magazine

You thought Jack Skellington was the Nightmare Before Christmas…

For the past 12 years, legendary shock-rocker, Alice Cooper, has been hosting Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, a star-packed, fun-filled, suprise-laden event designed to dazzle, delight, and deliver a hefty fundraising prize to the Solid Rock Foundation — the non-profit started by Cooper, his wife Cheryl, and Chuck Savale, with the purpose of bringing music, dance, and art into the lives of the area’s under-served youth. Last Spring, Solid Rock opened The Rock — a community center for youth featuring guitar, drum, and dance classes — and more planned for the future.  “We said let’s make a place that instead of going into gangs, kids can go into bands,” Cooper said at a press conference held the day before the big show. The center is open from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Between 75-100 kids come to the center every evening, Cooper says. “I call it the Glorious Racket, because you walk in and it’s just noise, and I love that.” Cooper’s wife, Cheryl, is a lifelong dancer, and coordinates dance classes at the center.

Musicians and dancers from The Rock were on the program for this year’s Christmas Pudding show, along with actor Johnny Depp, Don Felder (The Eagles), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), L.A. GunsCooper and his band (featuring the amazing Orianthi Panagaris on guitar) and others.  The show was hosted by actor/comedian John O’Hurley (Seinfeld) and magician/comedian Murray SawChuck.

…Not at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding.

Alice Cooper headlines 2012's Christmas Pudding Show 2012 ©Libbi Rich ~ DOOM! Magazine

Alice Cooper headlines 2012’s Christmas Pudding Show 2012 ©Libbi Rich ~ DOOM! Magazine


Cooper served as the master chef, blending  the succulent talent line-up, a dash of schtick, a sprinkling of gospel, and a few surprises to deliver a Christmas Pudding to please even the most jaded zombie. DOOM’s full coverage is coming up!

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  • Sean Campbell

    You can see her grabbing at the officers belt. You know where her firearm is attached to. We also can’t see the engagement before this went down. The young girl is lucky the officer had the common sense to fight her off rather than use a more fatal form of force. Mentally unstable individuals aren’t exactly clear headed when it comes to making life altering decisions.

    • WTF man

      How can you say that she’s trying to grab for the belt? What 15 year old who is mentally ill is able to think, in that situation, “Oh, the belt is right there, I should grab for a gun!” like, who really does that KNOWING what that means? KNOWING they’re inviting the cop to kill them? The point of the police is TO HAVE ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE to judge what is a real threat and what isn’t. Punching a mentally ill child in the face to subdue her and assuming she was reaching for a gun when she was being assaulted by a cop sounds like an asshole stretching for an excuse to fuck up some kid that made them angry. It does not sound like a decision from an experienced, clear headed officer with training.

      • Edgar Longenecker

        These pigs don’t get hired for their lucidity. They are hired, to enslave the sheeple, to, aggrandize the bluebloods that rig our elections… Edgrrr…

    • LOL

      Dude nowhere in the video is she “grabbing the officers belt” !
      It’s the officer that tried to bring the girls arms behind her back for the handcuffs.

      Stop defending police brutality. I really hope one day this happens to you and you get shot

      • Stephanie Burleson

        Exactly what I was thinking.. Wait til it happens to you. You can sit in jail n think about it like she probably will for her new charges. Did I really read that she was charged for hitting the officer?? I’ve lost all faith in our justice system.

    • Edgar Longenecker

      The fascist feeding frenzies, that these homocidals are getting away with, should not have fatal forms, with which to demand subservience, to begin with. What this will come to, is, militia sniper rifles, everywhere, to de-anal-ize these killers at law…. I look forward to the day that those accused of being savages, take out, those that are doing the labeling….and, these systemic parasites, get themselves, disarmed, for their own protection, as well as ours…. Edgrrr…

  • Paula Harris


  • Leakitlive

    Sorry to throw water on this fire; however, I’m reading the girl attacked the cop prior to the video and we are only seeing the outcome from that attack. The cop had a right to protect herself and the public.

    • Sorry to throw water on your illuminating comment, but you mustn’t be reading this article, which states in multiple places that witnesses did not see the girl strike at or even look like she might strike at the officer. The only source of the claim the girl attacked the officer was a statement by Mesa Police.

      • Leakitlive

        I have read the article and others similar; however, do you honestly think the cop is going to walk up, punch this teenager (knowing mom and others) are in tow, and therefore all are about to witness the alleged brutality? Makes no sense and sounds absurd. I understand the hostility toward the police; however, as journalist you must separate fact from fantasy and this appears to be misconstrued.

        • Yes, I think that’s entirely possible. Police beat, assault and murder people in front of the public, their families and their cameras ALL THE TIME. See many, MANY examples at this link of police not only attacking or killing people (without provocation) when there are witnesses present, but doing so when they’re fully aware they’re being filmed. http://photographyisnotacrime.com

          Again, the ONLY source of the claim the girl struck out at the officer is a statement from the Mesa Police.

          • Leakitlive

            You are correct; however, as journalist we must separate the truth from fiction and this incident appears to be unlikely.

          • Journalism == dismissing an incident based entirely on a personal belief that police would never do something like this, because the idea that they would “makes no sense and sounds absurd.”

      • deadpool

        i have a comment to this the cop that made this comment Luis Paul Santiago, the witness who filmed the violent encounter stated that police attempted to delete the video, and the second officer on the scene explained that the officer “behaved correctly” and stated that “if she needed to, she could have shot her dead.”

        they have stun guns for a reason for unarmed folks that are distrot and need to be taken down so either way that cop had no right to shoot her dead yall think yall have the right to shoot people dead because they seem dangerous and uncontrollable she was unarmed and everyone knows it this just goes to show he is right when he calls yall a gang cops are mad with power and need to be stop yes not all are like that so get rid of the ones that are i personal have punched and officer and i was never hit i as thrown to the ground and as i forced my self up he tazed me because i was unarmed and repeatedly headbutted him and tried getting up these are signs of good cops anyone who has a negative comment dont because your wrong either way
        no cop has the right to use lethal force until they are lethally threatned

  • Brandon Ramos

    Funny how nobody picked this story up because there is none here just another shitbag resisting arrest resulting in a physical fight. Cops are trained in every police academy in country to BOX. YES, if you pull your arm back from being detained, raising you arms, resisting arrest, reach in your pockets/waistband , or go for there gun your going to get punched in your face or shot dead.

  • guest

    What is this girls nationality?