Xpansion Theory Drops New Single, ‘Seeds’
By Libbi Rich

Phoenix, Arizona based alt-metal rockers, Xpansion Theory, dropped their new single, ‘Seeds’, earlier this week. Zombies, people…screaming, *glowing* ZOMBIES!

Xpansion Theory Drops New Single, 'Seeds'

Recently acquired lead vocalist David Baumiller growls, snarls, and screams his way through this apocalypse-themed ripper backed by the dramatically heavy riffs of Xpansion Theory guitarists Mick Jones and Tracy Stinsman and the stentatorian pounding of bassist Steve Lee and drummer Harley Elliot.

‘Seeds’ makes its public debut on Friday, March 7 at 6 p.m. Mountain Time on Destiny’s Beautiful Chaos show on 13SRadio.com, but you can hear it now, right here on DOOM!

Enjoy it, because the end might be near…




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