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Phoenix Comicon 2011: The Zombie Apocalypse Edition

As I wandered through the four days of PCC 2011, I had the opportunity to ask attendees and guests, alike, how they’d handle what we all know is the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Here is what they had to say to this pressing question:

If you woke up tomorrow and it was the zombie apocalypse, what would you do?

Phoenix Comicon 2011: Chew on This! John Layman & Rob Guillory

Chew is great stuff: an engaging police mystery that is by turns funny, bizarre, intriguing, funny, touching, thought-provoking, funny, sick (in the good and bad meanings of the word), and, if I didn’t already mention it, really, really hilarious.

Phoenix Comicon 2011: Spotlight on Kids Need to Read

“Phoenix Comicon supports Kids Need to Read like no other convention supports a charity,” says Denise Gary, Executive Director of KNTR. “None of them come close to doing for their sponsored charities what Phoenix Comicon does.”

Phoenix Comicon 2011 – Spotlight on Jesse James Comics

Comics, collectibles, and ice cream; oh my!

Phoenix Comicon 2011 – Local Talent Rocks the Con (Part 1)

Maybe it’s the heat; it keeps ’em
inside … drawing, writing, dreaming. Maybe the low humidity
creates an unquenchable thirst to create.