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Teenage Bottlerocket, Chasers, Scottsdale, AZ 7/28/12

Teenage Bottlerocket brought humor, along with their brand of proto-pop-punk-thrash and quirky/smartass lyrics to Scottsdale on Saturday, July 28.

Civet at The Nile Theater Underground – Interview & Galleries!

Femme fatale punk rockers, Civet, steam up the desert at the Nile Underground.

Local Lifesavers: These Charming Men

TCM is the kind of band I really love seeing in a club. They bring a contagious energy to the stage that gets your heart racing and your whole body moving along.

HOT UPDATE: Blitzkid Blitzkrieg? Nathan Bane & Rick O Mortis Out

Argyle Goolsby stands as the last remaining member of horror punk band, Blitzkid. Guitarist Nathan Bane and drummer, Rick O Mortis announced their resignations from the band on Facebook.

Local Lifesavers

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