I ♥ Rebecca Black…
By Misery Xchord

This unassuming young woman with an autotuned voice who finds innocent joy at the end of the week may have driven 99% of the uptight jaded Internet world insane with her viral video, but the other 1% took the bit in their teeth and ran with it to produce amazing covers and mashups of “Friday” that will blow you away.

I ♥ you, Rebecca Black, and thank you.

DJ HazMatt aka Statutory Ray “This Is The New Friday” A video remix/mashup of Rebecca Black’s ode to the best mothaf*#kin’ day of the week, yo. Featuring Marilyn Manson and ICP.

More videos after the cut…

Stephen Colbert promised to sing “Friday” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon if viewers donated $26,000 to Donor’s Choose “by Friday”. The audience came thru by raising over $65,000 and we were graced with one of the most awesome late night extravaganzas in recent history.

Rebecca Black- Friday Cover By Crash City

Rebecca Black – Friday (Cover by Eli Lieb)

Rebecca Black Friday Dance Cover

Death Metal Friday – Danny Dodge

Rebecca Black – Friday Cover (EPIC EDITION) by Jervy Hou Music with vocal by Bri Gonzales

Rebecca Black – Friday Cover by Playing in the Streets

Friday (A Cappella Rebecca Black Cover) by Songsta For Life

Friday (Rebecca Black) Polka/Ska cover by Jordan Street Studios “I figured everyone else is doing it, so I blocked out a Saturday and wrote/recorded this alternate version. Is it Polka? Is it Ska? You choose.”

Rebecca Black – Boyz In Da Hood (Its Friday!)

To the jerks sending her death threats and haterade (samples: “i bet rebecca black is gona turn to drugs and eventually kill herself” and “who does this little c*nt think she is?”): Lighten up, guys, she’s just a kid. There’s a place in the world for G-rated pop tunes, and if it’s not your musical taste, just don’t listen. Besides, Kanye West uses way more autotune than she does Disliking it and joking around is one thing, but she didn’t “kill music” or affect your life in any way. Why are you taking this so omg seriously?

I’m waiting for your brains to explode if she gets her duet with Justin Bieber…

Rebecca Black – “Friday” Written by Patrice Wilson, Produced by Clarence Jey
Directed by Chris Lowe and Ian Hotchkiss.

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