Courtney Love’s Bad Romance
By Misery Xchord

Last Fall Courtney Love covered Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance at a few appearances, including a Givenchy party in Paris where Gerard Estadella of I Can Teach You How To Do It captured it on video.

Am I the only person in the world that thought this was awesome? Not because she sings it so beautifully. Not because she takes it so seriously. Not because she gets it spot on PERFECT. But because she  rocks the grungy ass shit out of it, with her raspy voice and liberty taking with the lyrics.

Check out more videos of Courtney singing Gaga after the cut…

A lot of the criticism on the Youtube vids seems to revolve around the opinion that Courtney needs to take singing lessons and learn the correct lyrics. My opinion is these people are 1) missing the point of rocking a cover; and 2) need to get over the idea that women need to have autotune perfect angelic voices and yodel through 4 octaves before they’re allowed to sing in public.

What do you think?

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  • glenn

    Fuck the gaga fans!!!!

    • Where does it say Gaga fans were the ones criticizing Courtney Love? Gaga herself certainly didn’t. Many of Courtney’s OWN fans (and ex-fans, and Kurt fans, and the press) are the ones making comments about her voice not being what it used to be.

  • Frank Hendricks

    Who cares is more like it. Courtney who? She’s irrevelant to today’s music, a moot point. Who cares what she sings or how? Relatively no one will see or hear it. And thats a ‘good thing’.

    • cindyjray

      that is such a rude thing to say. if you had nothing nice to say you could have just shut the fuck up already.who cares what YOU think is more like it.

  • cindyjray

    just rock on courtney…always.