Arrests Made In Early Morning Police Raid On Occupy Portland
By Misery Xchord

Lined Up -Police Raid On Occupy Portland  ©2011 K. Kendall CC BY 2.0 DOOM! Magazine

Lined Up -Police Raid On Occupy Portland ©2011 K. Kendall "Twenty-five protesters were arrested between 1 and 3 a.m. Sunday morning in Jamison Square (in the Pearl District of Portland) when they staged a sit-in in solidarity with other Occupy sites. About 75 police in riot gear, six mounted police, another twenty or so police on bicycles, and a number of police in cars, vans, and on foot made the arrests during a non-violent protest. The riot police were wearing guns and carrying billy clubs."

Members of Occupy Portland Arrested in Police Raid Early Sunday Morning in Jamison Square

Portland, Oregon – Before 3:30am Sunday morning, 25 peaceful protesters from Occupy Portland were arrested by the Portland police at Jamison Square. After about 600 Portlanders marched against anti-camping laws, police brutality, and growing wealth inequality, the protesters decided to stage a sit-in at Jamison Square. About 450 supporters surrounded the park and cheered the protesters seated peacefully in a circle in the center. Six mounted police and approximately 65 police in riot gear pushed supporters to the sidewalks and conducted the arrests over a period of several hours. Mayor Sam Adams arrived on scene during the arrests and expressed that he was only there to observe, but did not order the arrests to cease. At one point, a woman was pinned between two mounted police horses while standing on the sidewalk in support of protesters and another supporter’s bicycle was crushed in the incident.

Members of the sit-in released the following statement:

We, the arrestees at Jamison Square, stand in solidarity with people in Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago, and other cities where aggressive police raids and 2,826 arrests have attempted to forcibly disperse peaceful assembly and political protest. The occupation movement condemns police brutality as well as the unjust and growing inequality of wealth, resources, and political influence in the nation and world.

We condemn police brutality both locally and globally. On Tuesday morning, over 500 police in riot gear attacked the Occupy Oakland encampment, arresting over 70 people and destroying protesters’ property. By that evening, upwards of 1,000 people marched through Oakland to continue the protest when police began shooting rubber bullets and throwing concussion grenades and tear gas directly into the crowd, injuring several nonviolent protesters. Scott Olsen, an Iraq war Marine veteran, was hospitalized for critical injuries. Here in Portland Aaron Campbell, a young African-American man, was murdered by Portland police officer Ronald Frashour. (Editor’s note: the death of Aaron Campbell occurred in January 2010 and was in no way associated with the Jamison Square occupation or resulting actions.) 

The Occupy Oakland movement has called for a general strike and mass day of action on Wednesday, November 2. The arrests here in Portland Sunday morning are only the beginning of what will be a battle for the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest the growing inequality of wealth and resources.

To protest the arrests in Portland, they request you call Mayor Sam Adams at 503-823-4120.


Update: Portland Police have elicited criticism and questions on privacy issues by posting the mug shots, names and ages of arrested protestors on their website and Facebook page.

Everyone doing their job - Police Raid On Occupy Portland ©2011 K. Kendall CC BY 2.0 DOOM! Magazine

Everyone doing their job - Police Raid On Occupy Portland ©2011 K. Kendall "Police moved in force, armed and well-orchestrated, with clear strategy. The protesters chanted, "No arrests," "We are here for you," "You have a choice," and "Shame!" Some shouted, "This is what a police state looks like."

October 30, 2011. Occupy Portland – Photographs by K. Kendall. You can contact the photographer on Flickr for licensing information. Images have been licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0.

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