Abney Park Releases First Concept Video – To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Sidecar
By Misery Xchord

Abney Park 2012 - DOOM! MagazineSteampunk band Abney Park has released their first ever concept/storyline music video, based on the song “To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Sidecar” from their new album, The Ancient World, now available on their website.

The story goes, “Anticipating the worst, a father and his young daughter head out into the nothing between major cities, to avoid the coming atomic attack. This is the music video for Abney Park’s “To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Sidecar”, featureing Captain Robert as himself, and Chloe Brown, his daughter, as herself.

When Chloe was in pre-school, her teacher asked her, “If you could go anywhere in the world right now, with anyone, where would you go?”.

Chloe replayed, “To The Apocalypse in Daddy’s Sidecar!””

See the video after the jump!

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