PSY Unveils Hip-swaying Sexy Hijinks in ‘Gentleman’ Music Video
By Misery Xchord

Psy Gentleman Music Video - DOOM! Magazine
Hot on the heels of yesterday’s worldwide release of his heavily anticipated, and meticulously crafted, first post-“Gangnam Style” single, “Gentleman”, Psy now brings us the dance, with swiveling hips, sexy hijinks, hilarious outtakes, and an edited chorus of “I’m a ‘mother, father,‘ gentleman.”

“As in the first track, where you had a guy who clearly wasn’t ‘Gangnam Style’ claiming to be one, the song has Psy proclaiming to be a gentleman”, a spokesperson from YG Entertainment said.

The video, which was filmed over four days and wrapped shooting on April 9, was staged in various locations around Seoul by Cho Soo-hyun (who also worked on “Gangham Style”) and features some familiar faces. Fan’s of the Gangham Style video will recognize local comedians of the MBC reality show “Infinite Challange”, Yoo Jae-Seok (The Grasshopper, aka the man in the yellow suit), Noh Hong-chul (elevator guy), as well as this video’s beautiful co-conspirator, Ga-in, from KPOP group Brown Eyed Girls (for those of you finding the hip swaying choreography in the video reminiscent of BEG’s “Abracadabra”, there you go!) Psy had hinted prior to the video’s release that the dance moves are a “Psy Style” take on a well known traditional Korean Dance, “something that every Korean knows, but foreigners don’t”.

Psy premiered his new song at the “Happening” concert on Saturday at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, western Seoul. More than 50,000 fans attended the concert in person, while nearly 160,000 others streamed it live on YouTube.

Watch Psy’s “Gentleman” after the cut…

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