Fall Out Boy: New Music Video, ‘Young Volcanoes’ (NSFW)
By Misery Xchord

Fall Out Boy: New Music Video, ‘Young Volcanoes’ (NSFW) screencap - DOOM MagazineFall Out Boy reveals the third in a planned 11 chapter video narrative dramatizing their struggle to save themselves (and Rock and Roll), with their music video for ‘Young Volcanoes’, the third single from their new album Save Rock And Roll, released on April 15, 2013. Taking place after ‘The Phoenix’ but before ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’, the video continues the grim storyline that has thus far shown the band being kidnapped, tortured and maimed.

In an interview with SugarScape earlier this month, the band lamented that a lot of songs they worked on for this record almost didn’t make it on, and some were cut altogether, with Pete Wentz commenting, “I feel like Young Volcanoes almost didn’t make it on.”


What do you think of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Young Volcanos’?


Watch Fall Out Boy’s ‘Young Volcanos’ after the cut…

The video opens with Patrick Stump, missing his left hand due to events occurring in the second video from Save Rock And Roll, “The Phoenix”, and his bandmates being held captive under an old industrial building, undergoing torture and interrogation by sexy, scary and scantily-clad villainesses. He’s joined around a table by his blindfolded and restrained bandmates, who are all connected to a shared IV bag of a pale blue liquid hanging over the candlelit table. Still blindfolded, they are hand fed a lavish feast of wine, roast meats and fruits, sharing the table top with poisonous snakes and a large hookah lamp.

Patrick, whose eyes have remained uncovered, is the first to be offered (and indulge in, off camera) a tray of brightly colored bath-saltish illegal substances and a straw. After the rest of the band follows suit, suddenly blindfolds are off and both the band and their captors are laughing and partaking in a party atmosphere, the leather-outfitted villainesses now topless and wearing animal faced masks constructed out of bloody raw meat. Moments later, it becomes apparent that courtesy of the drugs the band members have hallucinated their freedom and celebration, as they are shown to slump listlessly, still bound and blind, in their chairs, the remains of the feast feeling like the aftermath of a bloody conflict…one shot creepily juxtaposing the partially eaten organ meats strewn across the feast table with a glimpse of a large and crudely stapled incision at waist level under the edge of Patrick’s leather jacket.

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