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Frank Carter is leaving Gallows Photo by MiseryXchord


The now legendary UK punk band Gallows today announce the departure of their frontman Frank Carter. Having redefined punk rock since the release of their debut album ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ in 2006, Gallows brought punk rock kicking, screaming and snarling into the mainstream, climaxing with the harsh and bitterly angry ‘Grey Britain’ album in 2009 but are now set to embark on new paths.

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First Three No Flash, Oh yeah and give us all your pictures for free…

Photographers do not want bands or their managements exercising any kind of control or restriction on their work, and signing away copyright, giving unfettered access, allowing editorial control and giving away free use are all unacceptable demands that no creator would accept whether they be photographer, writer, painter or even musician…

Imperative Reaction "Surface" directed by Chad Michael Ward

Imperative Reaction premieres video for “Surface”

First single/video from Imperative Reaction’s 2011 album “Imperative Reaction”. The video was shot in downtown Los Angeles on Easter Sunday, 2011 and was directed by Chad Michael Ward

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Throughout The Universe, In Perpetuity: Why I Don’t Sign Copyright Grabbing Photo Contracts

Brisbane-based photographer Justin Edwards talks about copyright grabbing photo contracts and poses some disturbing questions about the future of concert photography if they became an industry standard, much like the ubiquitous “3 songs no flash” commonly seen today.

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Save Image As: Combating Internet Photo Theft « Cary Liao

If you’re a concert photographer and have posted your work online, chances are at least one of your photos has been downloaded and reposted without your permission at some point.

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Exclusivity: I don’t make this stuff up…

I’ve talked about the impact of fans and others reposting unlicensed photos, especially taken from a photographer’s or agency’s licensing site. Here’s one example for you.

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A Concert Photographer’s Manifesto on Copyright Grabbing Contracts

There are two main types of rights grabbers out there at the moment, there are the full blown rights grabbers where artist owns all rights to your photos and then there are ones that state artists are allowed to you any of your photos for whatever they want without payment. Both types are totally unacceptable and a slap in the face to any photographer.

WIP: Uproar Festival 2010

Work In Progress: Editing Uproar Festival 2010 in Lightroom 3