UC Davis Pepper Spray Photograph by Louise Macabitas

Sometimes, When “All the Facts are In,” It’s Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report

You know how every time somebody in law enforcement does something that looks bad, we’re told that we should “wait until the facts are in” before passing judgment?

Cameraman trapped by NYPD at Occupy Wall Street day of action - A small section of protesters attempted to remove barriers from the edge of the park just after noon today. NYPD response was swift and heavy, including to any media in their way. ©2011 Adrian Kinloch CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - DOOM! Magazine

Tracking Journalist Arrests at Occupy Protests Around the Country

Josh Stearns has been tracking, confirming and verifying reports of journalist arrests at Occupy protests all over the country since September.

Police Raid On OccupyLA - That's Why They Had The Media Pool - DOOM! Magazine

LAPD Raid On OccupyLA – That’s Why They Had The Media Pool

Most press were not present to witness the brutality and violence enacted by LAPD officers outside mainstream media attention

LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain't Watching - DOOM! Magazine

LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain’t Watching

Los Angeles evicts OccupyLA camp while banning all but a few chosen press outlets from the area.