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Police Raid On OccupyLA - That's Why They Had The Media Pool - DOOM! Magazine

LAPD Raid On OccupyLA – That’s Why They Had The Media Pool

Most press were not present to witness the brutality and violence enacted by LAPD officers outside mainstream media attention

LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain't Watching - DOOM! Magazine

LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain’t Watching

Los Angeles evicts OccupyLA camp while banning all but a few chosen press outlets from the area.

Cameraman trapped by NYPD at Occupy Wall Street day of action - A small section of protesters attempted to remove barriers from the edge of the park just after noon today. NYPD response was swift and heavy, including to any media in their way. ©2011 Adrian Kinloch CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - DOOM! Magazine

NYCLU, Major Media Organizations Criticize NYPD’s Mistreatment of Press during Zuccotti Eviction

In a letter sent today to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the New York Civil Liberties Union objected to the Police Department’s mistreatment of journalists covering Occupy Wall Street protests.

Everyone doing their job - Police Raid On Occupy Portland ©2011 K. Kendall CC BY 2.0 DOOM! Magazine

Arrests Made In Early Morning Police Raid On Occupy Portland

On Sunday morning, 25 protesters from Occupy Portland were arrested by the Portland police during a sit-in at Jamison Square.

Occupy Boston - Police Raid © 2011 Paul Weiskel CC BY 2.0 DOOM! Magazine

Occupy Boston – Police Raid – Photographs by Paul Weiskel

More than 140 Occupy Boston protesters were arrested last night in a massive police crackdown.