Kissing Candice Live at Marquee Theater
By MrAnathema

Kissing Candice performs at the Marquee Theater in Arizona,  © 2015 Joseph Abbruscato/MrAnathema

Kissing Candice performs at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona – © 2015 Joseph Abbruscato/MrAnathema

Being opening act for a national tour can do great things for a band. It brings in a captive audience,coverage by media outlets nationwide, and the networking and connections which cannot be made by playing solely to home crowds. Contingent on all of this, of course, is being on the right tour. Kissing Candice, up and coming horror-themed hardcore darlings, attempted to bring their New York hardcore/metal/industrial sound to the Arizona desert as opening act of Twiztid’s “The Darkness Tour.” Wearing horror-genre-based costumes, Joey Simpson (vocals), Tommy Sciro (guitar), Marco Caruso (drums), Mike Grippo (bass), and Walter Dicristina(Guitar), did their damnedest to captivate the audience. Unfortunately, having a captive audience doesn’t necessarily mean that those in attendance at Marquee Theater were the correct crowd. The crowd wasn’t hostile. No, far worse, they were indifferent.

It wasn’t for Kissing Candice’s lack of trying. Simpson and the rest of the band kept an absurd amount of energy throughout their entire set, particularly while playing selections off their most recent EP, Conjured, which was released this past December. No matter how much fun they were having on stage, how loudly and intensely they played (particularly on their most recent single, Ghosted), the crowd remained apathetic. The dark and contrasty back-lighting, driving drums and guitars, and strong vocals imbued with their take on slasher films weren’t enough to lift faces off cell phone screens. When you’re touring as support for a main act backed by, and aesthetically identical to, Insane Clown Posse, playing any music other than their highly particular style is going to be, in short, ignored. The kiss of death for Kissing Candice was simply being themselves while playing to an impossible crowd.

Kissing Candice’s luck and reception should be changing fairly quickly, however. Victory Records recently announced that Kissing Candice will be performing on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer. This alone should help get their goremetal sound into the ears of those more open it: metal heads. Kissing Candice also has their new album, Blind Until We Burn, dropping this coming June, which happens to fall during their stint on Mayhem. Touring Mayhem with a new LP, Kissing Candice has a very promising summer ahead of them. They have a unique look and an interesting take on a genre that is packed with acts, so I am interested in seeing them perform again when Mayhem rolls through Phoenix in July.

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