Davey Suicide Live at Club Red
By MrAnathema

Davey Suicide June (28 of 54)

About three months ago, I was out covering Kissing Candice and, having some extra time after their set, I found myself hanging around the venue. I wasn’t covering any other bands on the bill, so I floated around Marquee theater for a bit when I heard Davey Suicide take the stage. Wandering inside, I was immediately blown away by their presence. The moment they were in front of the audience, every single persons in the venue’s attention was drawn to thestage. To say they were magnetic would be understatement; the crowd, as one, seemed compelled to witness their set. Attention captured, Davey Suicide didn’t let a single person down. After their set, I made my way out of the venue and home, knowing that no one else on the tour could have held a candle to them. I was hooked, and immediately set out to find when they would be in town again next. To my luck, they would be playing Club Red in a mere matter of weeks.

Fast forward to June, and the day of their show at Club Red. I had been anticipating this show for weeks, and only day-of realized they were playing the same night In This Moment were playing in Scottsdale, and Warped Tour was taking over Mesa. With each show just a few miles away from Club Red, I figured that there wouldn’t be many people there, and upon showing up, my suspicions were confirmed. Club Red is far from the largest venue in Arizona (500-800 cap if I’m not mistaken), and upon arrival I knew it was no where near full. That didn’t matter, however, as yet again, when Davey Suicide took the stage, they pulled every warm body at the venue tight up against the pit barricade. Davey Suicide, Niko Gemini, Derrick Obscura, and Drayven Davidson, hailing from “Unholywood, Killifornia,” set about to systemically tear down the rafters song by song.

Davey Suicide June (35 of 54)Davey Suicide have a very unique sound, mixing industrial, metal, and hair band, and god damn it, absurd as it should be, it works. There influences (Marilyn Manson, NIN, White/Rob Zombie, Guns and Roses, etc) come through clearly, but never does it come across derivative. They have perfected the art of mixing disparate genres into something new, something everyone in the venue can relate to, something just crazily over-the-top-enough to work. Their performances are dynamic, with Niko and Derek switching sides of the stage with ease, meeting in the middle to jam together and play back to back, before continuing on and losing themselves in the music. Meanwhile, Davey’s stark white dreadlocked mane commands from center stage, standing on risers while belting out the vocals, leaning in to sing with his fellow musicians, or donning gigantic horned wide brimmed hat, all the meanwhile Drayven’s pounding away on his kit, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, always ripping through the beats with a controlled near-reckless abandon. Standout songs from the evening were “Unholywood, Killifornia”, “Generation F*ck Star,” and “Kids of America,” and each of these tracks perfectly epitomizes their sound. At any given moment of their set, someone was interacting with each other or with the audience.

For Davey Sucide, it didn’t matter Club Red wasn’t a packed house. I’m sure that any band going up against festivals would be worried about the crowd, but when the doors open, and they took the stage, people were there, and Davey Suicide were there to rock each and every one of them the living hell out. Their performance left no doubt in my mind: anyone who went to In This Moment or Warped Tour missed the best 45 minutes of music played in Arizona that night, and those that did come out were given a show they’d be talking about for months. I know I am.

Catch their new music video, directed and shot by Drayven himself, here, and check out the photos from their set below the break!

Photos copyright Joe Abbruscato/MrAnathema Photography 2015

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