Partybaby live at Viva Phoenix
By MrAnathema

Partybaby (20 of 28)

Viva Phoenix, a festival featuring 80 bands and 17 stages, took over the entirety of Downtown Phoenix this past weekend, and Partybaby  set off the festivities in the Punk Rock Alley with a short fuse and a ton of kerosene soaked dynamite. Each of their songs was nonstop tour de force’s, driving the listeners heavily in one direction before switching gears and heading into uncharted territory. Menacing and powerful drums would take a sharp turn into break down of crowd catching heartfelt chorus, only to switch gears yet again into ripping, grungy guitars. By the end of their set, featuring their first two singles Your Old Man and Everything’s All Right, those in the packed alley were the living embodiment of the Maxell ‘Blown Away Guy’.

Partybaby has a SXSW showcase at HypeHotel on 3/15/16, and they are posed not to drop the gauntlet for all others appearing, but to beat SXSW sonically-senseless with it and then mischievously hand it over politely to whoever is brave enough to follow them.

You can listen to their songs “Your Old Man” and “Everything’s All Right” here. Catch the full photo set below!


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