Courtney Love Joins Fall Out Boy for Mayhem in “Rat a Tat”

Courtney Love in Fall Out Boy's video for "Rat a Tat"

Courtney Love in Fall Out Boy’s video for “Rat a Tat”

Fall Out Boy has released the ninth installment of their Young Blood Chronicles, featuring the song “Rat a Tat.”

The track, from their 2013 album Save Rock and Roll, features Courtney Love shouting out fabulous spoken word sections in her signature raspy voice.
So of course, it’s great to see Love in the video, leading a cult of anti-music activists seeking to “turn the diamonds back into coal” and turn lead singer Patrick Stump against music. And, of course, as we near the end of the story, it’s safe to say shit is getting real. (more…)

My Chemical Romance Releases Their Final Song, ‘Fake Your Death’

My Chemical Romance Releases Their Final Song, ‘Fake Your Death’

My Chemical Romance announced their end last March, they had every reason to go out arms raised in triumph.  After all, they’d had a storied career: four studio albums, multiple successful singles, stints on Taste of Chaos, Warped, Projekt Revolution and the Honda Civic Tours, multiple world tours and a huge influence on youth alternative culture.

But these are the guys who, on their final studio album, “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys,” said “I’ll tell you all how the story ends/where the good guys die and the bad guys win.”  After all, going out to cheering and curtain calls just wouldn’t be them, right?

Instead, as part of their upcoming “May Death Never Stop You: Greatest Hits” release, My Chemical Romance recorded their apparent swansong.  Called “Fake Your Death,” the song sounds like a perfect culmination of the band’s career.  Rather than a triumphant retrospective on their years together, it clearly addresses The End of My Chemical Romance.  The chorus opens with the declaration “I choose defeat, I walk away.”

Of course, while the lyrics admit defeat, the song itself is celebratory.  It captures the same feel of “The Black Parade,” celebrating an end for what it is, yet drawing on each era of the band for inspiration.

If a band like My Chemical Romance had to go out, then they deserve to go out like this. (more…)

Disney Bans Metal Bands…Kinda. Sorta. Not Really? I’m Confused.

Mickey Mouse apparently has very specific taste in metal. I mean, I don’t blame him for being picky, it’s got to be hard to headbang with those ears.

The situation: Skeletonwitch was booked to play a show at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney on January 27, 2014 along with Amon Amarth and Enslaved. Note the “was,” because at some point the booking agent for the other two bands contacted Skeletonwitch and apologized to them, saying that Disney had decided that Skeletonwitch couldn’t play the show.


30 Seconds to Mars Debut the Video for “Up In the Air”

30 Seconds to Mars Debut the Video for “Up In the Air” - DOOM! MagazineOkay, while I sometimes believe that the planning for a Bartholomew Cubbins video is akin to party planning at 720 Entertainment, I have to confess to generally being thrilled by his visuals. Case in point, “Up in the Air,” the video for the first single from the upcoming 30 Seconds to Mars album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air - screencap - DOOM! Magazine

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air: Tomo Miličević, Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Shannon Leto’s hat.


I cannot, however, condone Shannon Leto‘s pilgrim hat.


Watch 30 Seconds to Mars video for “Up In the Air” after the cut!  (more…)

Fall Out Boy Didn’t “Save Rock and Rock,” Rock and Roll Saved Fall Out Boy

"Save Rock and Roll" cover

The cover to Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock and Roll,” featuring a photograph by Roger Stonehouse.


Fall Out Boy has taken a lot of flack for calling their new album “Save Rock and Roll.”  In fact, the title combined with the actual sound of the album pretty much seems designed to draw comments from angry internet denizens screaming (paraphrasing many an amateur album review here) “THIS SUCKS IT’S NOT SAVING ROCK AND ROLL IT’S NOT EVEN ROCK AND ROLL WHY CAN’T YOU GUYS BE GOOD AGAIN?!?!”

The beauty of the internet is in the sharing of opinions, after all.

But in case anyone missed the tongue-in-cheek quality of the title, no, Fall Out Boy is not here to save rock and roll.  And the message of the album isn’t that rock and roll needs saved.

Instead, it sounds more like rock and roll saved Fall Out Boy.

In 2009, FOB announced they were taking a hiatus.  They wouldn’t tell fans how long it would last.  They wouldn’t guarantee another album or tour.  And, here’s the scary thing, they were telling the truth.  After finishing up their whirlwind touring for Folie a Deux, the boys stopped being Fall Out Boy for a bit.

They all continued to make music with different projects and with vastly different sounds.  They all also continued to have to announce the same thing about every two months or so on Twitter: “NO, FALL OUT BOY HAS NOT BROKEN UP.”  And despite this, even a hardcore believer like me had started to refer to the band in the past tense.

Then, in February, the band announces their reunion.  And they do not fuck around with it.  This was not “Hey, we’re headed back into the studio!” and then maybe five years later we get an album (I’m looking at YOU, No Doubt), this was “Here’s our new single, our album drops in like two months.”

I’m establishing the background in this review, though I’m assuming you already KNOW this if you’re reading.  But I think this is important to have in context with my claims about the ideas behind this album.  Because I think the hiatus time definitely saved the individual members of the band and I think that’s something that won’t really be questioned.

But on a grander scale, Rock and Roll, and each band member’s chance to approach it from their own angle and then bring back something new and refreshed to the table, THAT saved Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy has been doing this music thing since 2001.  I’d like to ask all of you to consider how much you’ve changed since 2001.  How you’ve grown, how you’ve changed, how you’ve re-invented yourself.

A band, as much as it is an idea, is also on a certain level a living entity that needs to be able to do that.  It’s just constrained by the part where it’s an organism made up of OTHER sentient organisms who need to evolve and grow and change on their own.

This album isn’t the result of evolution.  It is watching that evolution take place.  It is the band trying to figure out what it is at this point.  It is trial and error and survival of the fittest sound.  And we might never know the outcome because evolution is an ongoing process.

So THAT’S why we get a vastly eclectic album.  That’s why we go from the Maroon 5-ish “Where Did the Party Go” to “The Mighty Fall” which opens with what sounds like a sample from a Danny Elfman soundtrack and then goes into a heavy beat that features a guest spot from Big Sean to “Rat a Tat” which, I’m putting this in all caps, so be warned, FEATURES SPOKEN WORD SECTIONS BY COURTNEY LOVE.

And it works as an album largely due to FoB’s attention to the flow.  In fact, “Young Volcanoes,” a song I was largely underwhelmed with when it was leaked by the band, charms me due to its placement on the album.  It’s sort of a fitting oasis in the middle of everything else, a chance to take a breath.

That said, this is an album that is going to upset and/or underwhelm a lot of people.  I say that because I know, I’ve already seen those reactions and while I don’t agree with them or necessarily understand them, I do get it to a certain degree.  While I’m not naive to the ways the mainstream music industry works, I have to feel like Pete Wentz is being genuine with statements like “we made this music for ourselves and no one else at the end of the day.”  Because it sounds like the music a band makes for themselves, to figure themselves out and hopefully the rest of us will like it.

So, What Does That “M” Stand For These Days, MTV?

We sure as hell know it isn’t “music,” as much as you like to pretend it still does.  In order to further that illusion, every year you hold the MTV Video MUSIC Awards.

The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot  ~ DOOM Magazine

The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot appear in a video produced for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards ~ DOOM Magazine

And at this year’s awards show, you showed a video made by Russian Punk Feminists Pussy Riot, a video which shared their ideas and values and ended with them protesting by burning a picture of Vladimir Putin.  Pussy Riot thanked several major musical inspirations: Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork and Green Day.  They also said they would keep fighting for “punk rock feminism.”

THAT isn’t the problem.  Obviously I believe in punk rock feminism, I’m actually a huge fucking fan of it.  However, you know who isn’t?


“But wait,” you say, “how could you say such a thing?  They showed a video by Pussy Riot!”

Yes.  They did.  MTV attached themselves to something popular that people are talking about and used it to make themselves attempt to look still relevant as something other than “Those guys who made Jersey Shore an actual Thing That Happened.”

You know what else they’ve done that with?  You know who else they did that with THAT VERY SAME NIGHT?

Chris Brown.

Chris “I beat women and refuse to control my temper but I keep winning awards so you HAVE TO FORGIVE ME” Brown.  The same Chris Brown who was presented with an award that night.  The same Chris Brown who in February actually posted to Twitter after winning a Grammy “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now!”  And the same Chris Brown who, a year before, was invited to perform at the VMAs where he danced to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

FYI: Kurt Cobain was a feminist and a good friend/former boyfriend of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hannah.

Okay, so, big deal, right?  So MTV has one massively violent misogynist douchebag on their show, that doesn’t mean they’re full of shit entirely!

Right.  Well, just off the top of my head, in the past few years:

  • MTV had Charlie Sheen present an award earlier this year at their Movie Awards.  Sheen has a history of violence towards women, including “accidentally” shooting Kelly Preston (his fiancee at the time) in the arm and reportedly beating a coed who refused to have sex with him.
  • MTV hyped an episode of their series Jersey Shore by showing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a female cast member, being punched in the face by an unnamed man at a bar.  The footage was only pulled from the actual episode after public outcry.
  • MTV Films produces the Twilight movies, which romanticize and idealize an actively abusive relationship.
  • MTV supports a Brazilian blog known as “Testosterona” which has featured videos with topics such as “How To Get Your Girlfriend To Have Anal Sex” (suggesting hitting her in the head with a brick and then raping her).


But it’s not about actual feminism or supporting a cause, is it MTV?  It’s about ratings.  It’s about attention.  And if that means you have to commodify an actual movement like Pussy Riot just for a cheap ratings pop, by golly you’ll do it and then cut to your choice woman beater of the week.

It is sickening that in the US in this day and age, even our rebellion can be harvested, repackaged and sold back to us at ever-increasing profits for people/companies who are part of the problem.  We can no longer allow this.  We cannot continue to let our revolution be sold to us.  We cannot cling to a counterculture being processed and refined by the same people creating the culture we want to run counter to.

And we need to take the power away from Misogyny TV. (more…)

Damn Straight This Is My Last Issue of Alternative Press

(TRIGGER WARNING: rape apology and general discussion of Blood on the Dance Floor)

Alternative Press  #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Alternative Press #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Today, I received a copy of this month’s Alternative Press Magazine with one of those paper covers.  You know, the ones warning you that THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE unless you RENEW RIGHT NOW?

I got this subscription free last year by filling out a readers’ survey.

After this issue, I want a full fucking refund.

Splashed on the cover was a headline about a Blood on the Dance Floor Exclusive and how EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG.  What I know about Blood on the Dance Floor:

1) they are a bad shock-schlock band that appeals to teenagers and teenagers at heart who still think that saying “fuck” a lot makes you edgy and adult

2) their music advocates and makes light of rape and violence against women

3) the lead singer is probably a rapist.

The article did nothing to make 1 or 2 untrue.  There’s not much you CAN do to make those untrue.  That’s the band’s gimmick and their song catalog, which goes into detail about how they’ll “fuck your face and leave a nice taste,” whether you like it or not.

As for disproving point 3?  Well, they didn’t so much “disprove” it as “attempt to gloss over a very serious series of accusations and a telling legal history.”  The only case brought up was that of Jessie Slaughter (thankfully not mentioned by name) who claimed lead singer Dahvie Vanity had sex with her (that’s a big old case of statutory rape right there, FYI) and later recanted the story claiming she wanted attention.

First of all, AP seems to think this clear’s Vanity’s name immediately.  Because, you know, no woman has ever been socially pressured into taking back a rape accusation.  Especially not of some low-level scene celebrity…and not one who probably has access to a better lawyer than you anyway.

Secondly, even if Slaughter really DID lie about her rape?  How about the fact that this was not the first time Vanity was under investigation for statutory rape?  He was also involved in a trial where it was alleged he raped a 16-year-oldOh, and just this past year there was ANOTHER accusation.

What about the fact that Vanity’s former bandmate, Garrett Ecstacy and a former tourmate and supporter have both corroborated the stories, saying that Vanity IS a predator and everything said about him is TRUE.  Oh, obviously these are just LULZ JELLUZ HATERZZZZ, right?

Because let’s just gloss right over those other facts and make it sound like the rape thing was an isolated incident involving an obviously unstable 11-year-old girl.  Because, you know, bitches lie about rape all the time.  Because we don’t live in a rape culture, we haven’t recently seen that prominent figures in our government don’t believe women can be raped or that there’s such a thing as “legitimate rape” or “forcible rape” which should be distanced from “those lying whores who say they were raped but that’s bullshit they’re just whores.”  The fact that rape is still treated as a woman’s problem, the fact that rape victims are still blamed for their assaults and we are still raising girls in a world where we tell them “don’t get raped” rather than teaching rapists “don’t rape people.”  The fact that everything a victim said, did, drank, wore, thought, fucked, etc., will be used against them to prove that they weren’t really raped, they just want attention/hate men/are crazy.  In this past week we had a MEMBER OF THE US GOVERNMENT claim that women’s bodies can prevent themselves from getting pregnant from “legitimate rape,” meaning that if you got pregnant from it it wasn’t really rape WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL?

Combine that with Kevin Lyman, director of Warped Tour, not only defending the band but claiming he investigated them and they deserved to be on the main stage of the “punk/alternative” tour.  No, fuck you, Kevin Lyman, if you were fucking responsible nobody who has ever been accused of rape THREE FUCKING TIMES would be on your goddamn fake-ass-punk tour.  You didn’t care about protecting fans, you cared about turning a profit via the controversy of having Blood on the Dance Floor on your tour.

Alternative Press, you are not fucking alternative.  Yeah, maybe the bands you showcase aren’t generally heard on mainstream radio, but the fact is you are selling the same fucking garbage as the rest of the world.  You fail to showcase female musicians on a regular basis, just as Warped fails to bring them on their tour.  You have just excused and belittled rape accusations against a musician because, as I mentioned above, bitches be lying whores, right?

You are hopelessly in the mainstream, you fucks.  Take the term “Alternative” out of your title and never let another issue of your shit darken my doorstep again.

Fuck you.  So.  Hard. (more…)

Who Are You Calling a “Groupie?”

So, gender equality in music, especially the rock scene, isn’t something new to me.  I’ve touched on it before here at DOOM!  And yet, I keep repeating it.  Because stuff keeps happening that reminds me that it needs to be repeated.

Like, for example, this:

Urban Decay - Who Are You Calling A Groupie? ~ DOOM! Magazine

Right, so. There’s a lot wrong with this statement. And before you harp on me about “it’s just one website, and a make-up company at that!” lemme tell you: there is a popular idea that women have three roles in music: fan, muse or groupie.

Hey, we’re all fans of things. And some of those things are bands. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of a band. There IS something wrong with women generally being regarded as the ones who must consume music, made for them by men, rather than making it. Or if they DO make it, it is girly music for girls and boys shouldn’t listen to it.

Being a muse is…well, you’re either the object of the lead singer’s affection, or the bitch who done him wrong. Either way, you’re an extreme, angel or devil. You’re not REAL. You’re an ideal. Congratulations, you’re no longer human.

And groupies. Look, if you wanna sleep with rock stars, that’s your call. But just because you have sex with a rock star doesn’t make you a “groupie,” and being a groupie isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It’s your sex life, I ain’t gonna tell you what to do with it other than saying SAFE SEX IS AWESOME, OKAY?

But look, the real point is that there is so much more out there for women in the music industry. Producers, tour managers, photographers, reporters, booking agents, studio musicians, you name it. But we don’t think about women doing that (unless they are the reporters who are expected to ask inane questions or who get trashed by a band’s fanbase because they had the audacity to get an exclusive interview). Not to mention the ever-growing number of women writing and performing music.

And yet, places like Urban Decay are quick to regress them to “groupies.” Sites like, a site formerly a major voice in alternative culture, have run (now thankfully deleted) features titled “The Groupie Chronicles” by That Hipster Leslie Arfin. Or bands like All Time Low relegating their female fans to one of two headings: “fangirls” or “band sluts.”

Marisa Meltzer, author of Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, said in an interview with DOOM! in 2010 “Girls need to know that they don’t have to accept that, that their role in music doesn’t have to be as groupie, fan, or muse.” And these words are still true, they’ve been true for a long time and will continue to be true until we do something about it.

And we can start with this, maybe?
Urban Decay - Who Are You Calling A Groupie? ~ DOOM! Magazine

This Is Not a Post About Kony 2012

Well, it kind of is.  It kind of isn’t.  This is a post about a lot of things.

Kony 2012 "Campaign" Material

I’ve been familiar with Invisible Children for several years, I even participated in their The Rescue protest in Pittsburgh back in 2009 (pictures are here). Without IC I wouldn’t even be aware of Kony’s crimes or the ongoing conflict in Africa.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the civil wars and displacements going on half a world away.  I don’t think that, because I showed up at an event and sat around for a few hours, I really changed anything.  It was something I felt I wanted to participate in, and I don’t regret it.

One of the biggest criticisms I’ve seen, though, is from people saying “Thanks to Invisible Children, privileged kids are watching a 30 minute video and thinking they know everything about the situation.”

I’m sorry.  That isn’t the fault of Invisible Children.  That is the fault OF OUR FUCKING CULTURE.


What Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ Issue REALLY Says

What Rolling Stone’s ’100 Greatest Guitarists’ Issue REALLY Says - DOOM! Magazine

Rolling Stone’s ’100 Greatest Guitarists’ Cover

Jimi Hendrix blazes on the cover of the Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists issue.  And cracking open the issue shows that he heads an impressive listof talent: Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Les Paul and more.

But, surprise surprise, the list is light on female guitarists.  In fact, only two women managed to crack the top 100, voted on by a panel of 58 artists and music journalists: Joni Mitchell at 75 and Bonnie Raitt at 89.   The judges list itself isn’t exactly a picture of diversity, it includes only three women: Nancy Wilson, Melissa Ethridge and Susan Tedeschi.

So, I know what you’re saying: I’m here to call the list “sexist.”  And you’re right, I am.  It seems pretty shitty of the judges to pass over not only Wilson and Ethridge themselves (before you yell about “impartiality,” Tom Morello, Carlos Santana and Joe Perry were all named to list while being on the judging panel), but also the likes of Lita Ford, Meslissa Auf der Maur, Joan Jett, Jane Wiedlin…well, you get the idea.

But I think the list says even more than just that.  This list is a testament to how long rock and roll has been a boys club…and how little we have encouraged women in music.

I don’t mean necessarily that we’ve discouraged women from participating.  Yeah, sure, you can be the lead vocalist!  Or play keyboards, that’s a properly feminine instrument, it’s just like the piano.  Oh!  You wanna get a little dangerous?  Well, there’s always the bass (don’t worry, we know you won’t really be able to play it ’cause, you know, GIRL, but luckily we can drown out the bass really, really easily on stage)*.  A woman on stage was a novelty, even more so if she were doing something other than being a solo pop star or in an all-girl vocal group.

There have been exceptions, obviously.  There will ALWAYS be exceptions to things like this.  But you should look at Rolling Stone’s excellent-if-not-diverse list and wonder…how would it look if we hadn’t historically written off women in rock and roll?

Now ask yourself how that list will look in 20 years time.  How do you WANT it to look in 20 years time?  Do we want to keep making the same mistakes: not giving girls credit, putting them into that dreaded “Good for a GIRL” category, not promoting women in music, continuing to consider “girl rock” a genre in and of itself that should be scorned by straight guys unless the lead singer is, like, really, really hot?

Or do we want to make an effort to encourage girls into music, sign them up for music lessons or Rock and Roll camps if they show an interest, encourage major tours like Warped to include more bands with women in them, fight against the idea that any band with a girl at the helm must be a girly band that makes girly music just for girls and ensure that if a girl wants to be a rock star, we are able to give her the same chances at being one that a boy would have?

I know which I’d prefer.

*I mean NO disrespect to any women out there who are vocalists, keyboard players or bassists. I am well aware that none of those roles within a band are easy.  That section was meant as commentary on the common PERCEPTION of playing those instruments, though I am aware that sarcasm doesn’t always come across on the internet.  Hence this disclaimer. Buy American.


Courtney Love Joins Fall Out Boy for Mayhem in "Rat a Tat"
Courtney Love Joins Fall Out Boy for Mayhem in “Rat a Tat”

Fall Out Boy has released the ninth installment of their Young Blood Chronicles, featuring the song "Rat a Tat." The track, from their 2013 album Save Rock and Roll, features Courtney Love shouting out fabulous spoken word sections in her signature raspy voice.…


So, What Does That "M" Stand For These Days, MTV?
So, What Does That “M” Stand For These Days, MTV?

We sure as hell know it isn't "music," as much as you like to pretend it still does.  In order to further that illusion, every year you hold the MTV Video MUSIC Awards.…