Damn Straight This Is My Last Issue of Alternative Press
By newageamazon

(TRIGGER WARNING: rape apology and general discussion of Blood on the Dance Floor)

Alternative Press  #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Alternative Press #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Today, I received a copy of this month’s Alternative Press Magazine with one of those paper covers.  You know, the ones warning you that THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE unless you RENEW RIGHT NOW?

I got this subscription free last year by filling out a readers’ survey.

After this issue, I want a full fucking refund.

Splashed on the cover was a headline about a Blood on the Dance Floor Exclusive and how EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG.  What I know about Blood on the Dance Floor:

1) they are a bad shock-schlock band that appeals to teenagers and teenagers at heart who still think that saying “fuck” a lot makes you edgy and adult

2) their music advocates and makes light of rape and violence against women

3) the lead singer is probably a rapist.

The article did nothing to make 1 or 2 untrue.  There’s not much you CAN do to make those untrue.  That’s the band’s gimmick and their song catalog, which goes into detail about how they’ll “fuck your face and leave a nice taste,” whether you like it or not.

As for disproving point 3?  Well, they didn’t so much “disprove” it as “attempt to gloss over a very serious series of accusations and a telling legal history.”  The only case brought up was that of Jessie Slaughter (thankfully not mentioned by name) who claimed lead singer Dahvie Vanity had sex with her (that’s a big old case of statutory rape right there, FYI) and later recanted the story claiming she wanted attention.

First of all, AP seems to think this clear’s Vanity’s name immediately.  Because, you know, no woman has ever been socially pressured into taking back a rape accusation.  Especially not of some low-level scene celebrity…and not one who probably has access to a better lawyer than you anyway.

Secondly, even if Slaughter really DID lie about her rape?  How about the fact that this was not the first time Vanity was under investigation for statutory rape?  He was also involved in a trial where it was alleged he raped a 16-year-oldOh, and just this past year there was ANOTHER accusation.

What about the fact that Vanity’s former bandmate, Garrett Ecstacy and a former tourmate and supporter have both corroborated the stories, saying that Vanity IS a predator and everything said about him is TRUE.  Oh, obviously these are just LULZ JELLUZ HATERZZZZ, right?

Because let’s just gloss right over those other facts and make it sound like the rape thing was an isolated incident involving an obviously unstable 11-year-old girl.  Because, you know, bitches lie about rape all the time.  Because we don’t live in a rape culture, we haven’t recently seen that prominent figures in our government don’t believe women can be raped or that there’s such a thing as “legitimate rape” or “forcible rape” which should be distanced from “those lying whores who say they were raped but that’s bullshit they’re just whores.”  The fact that rape is still treated as a woman’s problem, the fact that rape victims are still blamed for their assaults and we are still raising girls in a world where we tell them “don’t get raped” rather than teaching rapists “don’t rape people.”  The fact that everything a victim said, did, drank, wore, thought, fucked, etc., will be used against them to prove that they weren’t really raped, they just want attention/hate men/are crazy.  In this past week we had a MEMBER OF THE US GOVERNMENT claim that women’s bodies can prevent themselves from getting pregnant from “legitimate rape,” meaning that if you got pregnant from it it wasn’t really rape WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL?

Combine that with Kevin Lyman, director of Warped Tour, not only defending the band but claiming he investigated them and they deserved to be on the main stage of the “punk/alternative” tour.  No, fuck you, Kevin Lyman, if you were fucking responsible nobody who has ever been accused of rape THREE FUCKING TIMES would be on your goddamn fake-ass-punk tour.  You didn’t care about protecting fans, you cared about turning a profit via the controversy of having Blood on the Dance Floor on your tour.

Alternative Press, you are not fucking alternative.  Yeah, maybe the bands you showcase aren’t generally heard on mainstream radio, but the fact is you are selling the same fucking garbage as the rest of the world.  You fail to showcase female musicians on a regular basis, just as Warped fails to bring them on their tour.  You have just excused and belittled rape accusations against a musician because, as I mentioned above, bitches be lying whores, right?

You are hopelessly in the mainstream, you fucks.  Take the term “Alternative” out of your title and never let another issue of your shit darken my doorstep again.

Fuck you.  So.  Hard.

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