So, What Does That “M” Stand For These Days, MTV?
By newageamazon

We sure as hell know it isn’t “music,” as much as you like to pretend it still does.  In order to further that illusion, every year you hold the MTV Video MUSIC Awards.

The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot  ~ DOOM Magazine

The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot appear in a video produced for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards ~ DOOM Magazine

And at this year’s awards show, you showed a video made by Russian Punk Feminists Pussy Riot, a video which shared their ideas and values and ended with them protesting by burning a picture of Vladimir Putin.  Pussy Riot thanked several major musical inspirations: Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork and Green Day.  They also said they would keep fighting for “punk rock feminism.”

THAT isn’t the problem.  Obviously I believe in punk rock feminism, I’m actually a huge fucking fan of it.  However, you know who isn’t?


“But wait,” you say, “how could you say such a thing?  They showed a video by Pussy Riot!”

Yes.  They did.  MTV attached themselves to something popular that people are talking about and used it to make themselves attempt to look still relevant as something other than “Those guys who made Jersey Shore an actual Thing That Happened.”

You know what else they’ve done that with?  You know who else they did that with THAT VERY SAME NIGHT?

Chris Brown.

Chris “I beat women and refuse to control my temper but I keep winning awards so you HAVE TO FORGIVE ME” Brown.  The same Chris Brown who was presented with an award that night.  The same Chris Brown who in February actually posted to Twitter after winning a Grammy “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now!”  And the same Chris Brown who, a year before, was invited to perform at the VMAs where he danced to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

FYI: Kurt Cobain was a feminist and a good friend/former boyfriend of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hannah.

Okay, so, big deal, right?  So MTV has one massively violent misogynist douchebag on their show, that doesn’t mean they’re full of shit entirely!

Right.  Well, just off the top of my head, in the past few years:

  • MTV had Charlie Sheen present an award earlier this year at their Movie Awards.  Sheen has a history of violence towards women, including “accidentally” shooting Kelly Preston (his fiancee at the time) in the arm and reportedly beating a coed who refused to have sex with him.
  • MTV hyped an episode of their series Jersey Shore by showing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a female cast member, being punched in the face by an unnamed man at a bar.  The footage was only pulled from the actual episode after public outcry.
  • MTV Films produces the Twilight movies, which romanticize and idealize an actively abusive relationship.
  • MTV supports a Brazilian blog known as “Testosterona” which has featured videos with topics such as “How To Get Your Girlfriend To Have Anal Sex” (suggesting hitting her in the head with a brick and then raping her).


But it’s not about actual feminism or supporting a cause, is it MTV?  It’s about ratings.  It’s about attention.  And if that means you have to commodify an actual movement like Pussy Riot just for a cheap ratings pop, by golly you’ll do it and then cut to your choice woman beater of the week.

It is sickening that in the US in this day and age, even our rebellion can be harvested, repackaged and sold back to us at ever-increasing profits for people/companies who are part of the problem.  We can no longer allow this.  We cannot continue to let our revolution be sold to us.  We cannot cling to a counterculture being processed and refined by the same people creating the culture we want to run counter to.

And we need to take the power away from Misogyny TV.

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