My Chemical Romance Releases Their Final Song, ‘Fake Your Death’
By newageamazon

My Chemical Romance Releases Their Final Song, ‘Fake Your Death’

My Chemical Romance announced their end last March, they had every reason to go out arms raised in triumph.  After all, they’d had a storied career: four studio albums, multiple successful singles, stints on Taste of Chaos, Warped, Projekt Revolution and the Honda Civic Tours, multiple world tours and a huge influence on youth alternative culture.

But these are the guys who, on their final studio album, “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys,” said “I’ll tell you all how the story ends/where the good guys die and the bad guys win.”  After all, going out to cheering and curtain calls just wouldn’t be them, right?

Instead, as part of their upcoming “May Death Never Stop You: Greatest Hits” release, My Chemical Romance recorded their apparent swansong.  Called “Fake Your Death,” the song sounds like a perfect culmination of the band’s career.  Rather than a triumphant retrospective on their years together, it clearly addresses The End of My Chemical Romance.  The chorus opens with the declaration “I choose defeat, I walk away.”

Of course, while the lyrics admit defeat, the song itself is celebratory.  It captures the same feel of “The Black Parade,” celebrating an end for what it is, yet drawing on each era of the band for inspiration.

If a band like My Chemical Romance had to go out, then they deserve to go out like this.

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