Courtney Love Joins Fall Out Boy for Mayhem in “Rat a Tat”
By newageamazon

Courtney Love in Fall Out Boy's video for "Rat a Tat"

Courtney Love in Fall Out Boy’s video for “Rat a Tat”

Fall Out Boy has released the ninth installment of their Young Blood Chronicles, featuring the song “Rat a Tat.”

The track, from their 2013 album Save Rock and Roll, features Courtney Love shouting out fabulous spoken word sections in her signature raspy voice.
So of course, it’s great to see Love in the video, leading a cult of anti-music activists seeking to “turn the diamonds back into coal” and turn lead singer Patrick Stump against music. And, of course, as we near the end of the story, it’s safe to say shit is getting real.

You can watch all nine parts of The Young Blood chronicles on YouTube and check out some great behind-the-scenes shots from the “Rat a Tat” video shoot on Rolling Stone, complete with commentary from FoB bassist Pete Wentz.

As for me? Well, I can promise I will defend the faith, going down swingin’.

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