City of the Dead–Pittsburgh, PA
By rancase

City of the Dead was an informal birthday party/zombie cosplay/industrial-metal show for George Romero. (He didn’t show up, but that’s okay. We all sent him a giant card.) My writeup for it clunked and died somewhere along the way, so here’s the short of it:

Local DJs Phoenixxx and Reich dropped an entertaining tag-team set that included old Gothy stuff, some techno, and an industrial German(?) remix of The Ants go Marching. I was too busy laughing to dance.

Even though Romero didn’t show up, Doug Bradley–the guy who played Pinhead in Hellraiser–did. He’s pretty awesome. :D I got to meet and hug him–then giggle as the otherwise collected & hard-nosed goth/metal guys had fangasms all over the place.

The band Amplifiers has a sound that’s churny yet emotive, and they finished their set with a pretty good cover of The Cranberries’ Zombie. The people who’d come to the show in costume–zombies, zombie hunters, zombie nurses, and so on–even moved around a little for it. (Who said the dead can’t dance? Someone who watched this crowd. Jeesh.)

Agnes Wired for Sound remains fantastic. I love Chad’s voice–tonalities come out in live shows that just haven’t translated to their CDs–and I love the guys’ stage presence. I can’t wait to shoot for them now that I have a better camera.

The female vocalist for River Runs Scarlet doesn’t seem to quite match the rest of their band. Her dancing is bouncy in comparison to their decidedly heavy sound, and her voice doesn’t quite have the power needed to compete with the guitars let alone the full-throated screams of her male counterpart. They were fun and energetic, and got the most people dancing–but I just couldn’t quite get into them.

The Bridge City Bombshells–Pittsburgh’s burlesque troop–are still lots of fun. My favorite of them is Macabre Noir, who consistently brings a sense of artistry to the show. Here’s her set: Macabre Noir at the Rex Theater




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