One Sweet Burgh–Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, PA
By rancase

One Sweet Burgh—Pittsburgh’s Dave Matthews tribute band—puts on a fun, laid-back show. When their tiny stage at the Wheelhouse in Rivers Casino didn’t let them move around enough, lead singer Ben Alper and bassist Tom Swihart hopped down to mingle & dance with the more enthusiastic crowd members. Their covers stand solid, but it’s when their songs turned into ten-minute-plus extended jam sessions that their spirit really showed through. The band got a bit of media attention earlier this year for their Steelers remix of What Would You Say, and this night they got me, giggling away in the front as their fans—some inebriated, some just out to have a good time—danced, played air violin, and sang along.

I know they’ve got a band that does original stuff, too. I’d like to see that in action as well. :)


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