Sick Twisted Debauchery–Pastimes Pub, Ford City
By rancase

Sick Twisted Debauchery @ Pastimes Pub, Ford City

Sick Twisted Debauchery @ Pastimes Pub, Ford City @2011 Ran Case

Butler, PA, is a place for jacked up trucks, guys in sleeveless shirts & well-worn baseball hats, tractor pulls . . . and apparently thrash metal. Formed in 2007 as a garage-based cover band, Sick Twisted Debauchery picked up its two current guitarists in late ’09 and from there started crossing over to original works. They brought a good sense of theatrics & a decided 80’s influence to their absurdly tiny stage area, and their six-foot ginger frontman Damien showed surprising vocal range amidst a lineup of grunters, screamers, and atonality.

Their first CD is currently in its final stages of production; I’ll catch up with these guys again once it’s done.

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