Afrobeta at Identity Festival, Burgettstown, PA
By rancase

Afrobeta @ Identity Festival, Burgettstown PA @2011 Ran Case

Afrobeta @ Identity Festival, Burgettstown PA @2011 Ran Case


With a plastic pigeon mounted on their microphone stand and a midi controller-enhanced tiny toy guitar, Miami-based electropop duo Afrobeta brought a kick of whimsey to the Dim Mak/Rockstar stage of Identity Festival. The paired vocals of Cuci Amador and unabashedly funky beats of Tony Smurphio were a solid second-to-opening act, coaxing people to dance despite the full sun and oppressive heat. Their girl-power floor-stomper Play House came with giddy attitude—and the unstoppably infectious refrain, “You wanna play house and make babies? You must be crazy—what you thinkin’, baby?” (And in the music video, the choice to stick Smurphio in an oversized martini glass makes me happier than it has any right to.)

The duo told me they met in Miami, where they were fans of each other’s bands, and eventually formed Afrobeta in 2006. They spent a few years playing local shows but as of 2010 hit the road, where they started racking up spots in a number of high-profile tours. The Pittsburgh/Burgettstown show was the third show of this particular tour, and they exuberantly called the experience thus far amazing.

Their first LP, Under the Streets, is due out on August 30th, and should the zombie apocalypse happen anytime soon their plan is to strap their dogs onto their backs in papooses, get on a boat, and wait it out from somewhere in the ocean.
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