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Phoenix Comicon 2011: Chew on This! John Layman & Rob Guillory

Chew is great stuff: an engaging police mystery that is by turns funny, bizarre, intriguing, funny, touching, thought-provoking, funny, sick (in the good and bad meanings of the word), and, if I didn’t already mention it, really, really hilarious.


Phoenix Comicon 2011 – Local Talent Rocks the Con (Part 1)

Maybe it’s the heat; it keeps ’em
inside … drawing, writing, dreaming. Maybe the low humidity
creates an unquenchable thirst to create.


Phoenix Comicon 2011 (Part 1)

Phoenix Comicon runs May 26-29, 2011. The guest list is beyond belief: Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Todd McFarlane, George Takei, Adam Baldwin, Billy Dee Williams, Bruce Boxleitner, Cherie Priest, John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton, Elvira, Kristin Bauer … And those are just the names that even geek-challenged individuals would recognize.

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DOOM! Magazine introduces a new interview series featuring the writers and artists who bring our favorite comics to life.

"The Walking Dead" Creator, Robert Kirkman


Robert Kirkman’s new comic, “Super Dinosaur” launches next week. DOOM! Magazine talks with the prolific and versatile comic writer about zombies, dinosaurs, and keeping the bloody stuff separate.


Kirkman & Liefeld Raise “Infinite” Possibilities

Comic giants Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”) and Rob Liefeld (“Deadpool”) are collaborating on a new super science fiction adventure comic, “The Infinite,” reports USA Today. The new comic series introduces a new villian, The Infinite, a mad genius who discovers time travel, and uses it to dominate the world. Our hero, a soldier, Bowen […]

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