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The free members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot ~ DOOM Magazine

So, What Does That “M” Stand For These Days, MTV?

We sure as hell know it isn’t “music,” as much as you like to pretend it still does.  In order to further that illusion, every year you hold the MTV Video MUSIC Awards.

Alternative Press #291 October 2012 Blood On The Dance Floor

Damn Straight This Is My Last Issue of Alternative Press

How a single article finally left me completely outraged at the reining “alternative” music mag: Rape apology and Blood on the Dance Floor

Urban Decay ` Who Are You Calling A Groupie? ~ DOOM! Magazine

Who Are You Calling a “Groupie?”

Right, so. There’s a lot wrong with this statement. And before you harp on me about “it’s just one website, and a make-up company at that!” lemme tell you: there is a popular idea that women have three roles in music: fan, muse or groupie.

What Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Guitarists' Issue REALLY Says - DOOM! Magazine

What Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ Issue REALLY Says

Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ list is a testament to how long rock and roll has been a boys club…and how little we have encouraged women in music.

Bella Swan, Lisbeth Salander and How Two Extremes Don’t Make a Right - DOOM! Magazine

Bella Swan, Lisbeth Salander and How Two Extremes Don’t Make a Right

Recently, a friend asked for tips on how to write a strong female character without pissing people off.  My tip for him and any other writers out there is this…

riot grrrls @ gay rights march april 1993 - ©1993 allison_dc BY-NC-ND

Let’s Start A Riot…

If you’re concerned about equality for all regardless of gender, you should follow this Tumblr. Run by DOOM!’s own New Age Amazon, The Riot keeps you informed on issues affecting women’s rights and equality, and is a can’t miss blog for you to follow, even if you don’t label yourself “Feminist”.

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